Vitamin D3 is constantly in the news, for consequential reason.  It’s praised for providing beneficial results when it comes to illnesses such as heart disease, depression, and diabetes.  Prostrate cancer, dementia, schizophrenia, and now COVID-19 are also benefactors.  The best source of Vitamin D lies outside our doors.  If only it would be as easy as a daily step outdoors, to allow the rays to infuse us with our daily requirements.  Unfortunately, it isn’t.

In fact, considerations such as age, body mass, skin tone, and location are all a part of the equation when it comes to whether or not the sun provides sufficient amounts of your daily requirement for Vitamin D.  Location becomes a huge challenge, seeing that much of the country does not enjoy sun, much of the year. For individuals living in these locales, supplementation becomes a viable consideration.  While the daily requirements can certainly be received from food sources, rigorous effort will be necessary.  Some of the highest levels of Vitamin D are found in three-ounce servings of fish such as Carp, Sturgeon, and Salmon, contributing 839.8 IUs, 545.7 IUs, and 374.4 IUs, respectively.  When is the last time you dined on Carp or Sturgeon?

A recent visit to my physician, for this year’s 2020 annual exam, left me floating as she reported that “everything is as it should be, and I couldn’t be more pleased.”  She also praised my use of Vitamin D3 and its role in helping to reduce my risk of osteopenia, osteoporosis, and fractures, adding that I should continue to use it and all of my supplements.

Chairman of Shaklee’s Medical Affairs Health Sciences and Education, Dr. Jamie MacManus, FAAAP, states:   People who live near the equator and spend enough time outdoors (without sunscreen) have healthy vitamin D levels and osteoporosis is almost unheard of. But for the many millions who live in the US, Canada, and Europe, it is much more challenging to meet our vitamin D needs via sunlight.  Supplementation is essentially the only way to achieve adequate, let alone optimum, blood levels.

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