Meet Cynthia Garry, Owner of Scratchnall

“The many animals she cared for over the years engendered a deep respect and love for our fellow creatures and her keen observation of their needs and individual personalities.” 

Did you ever wonder how a horse can scratch under its chin?  Normally, it would have to bring one of its back legs forward and to the outside of its body. Well, wonder no more!  ScratchnAll was born as an answer to this awkward gymnastic.  

ScratchnAll is a high-quality, safe, self-grooming enrichment product that is used by animals, large and small.  It possesses a unique quality as it bends and interlocks so that a grid of any size can be created to suit the animals’ needs and, alas, horses and many other animals can use it to scratch under their chin. It is currently available in 4 colors with 5 more being introduced in the near future. Those new colors will  be Awareness Pink, Purple Passion, Bark, Alfalfa and Ebony.  A donation will be made to breast cancer research for each retail sale of Awareness Pink.  ScratchnAll is a niche product in the global pet industry market.

 The owner bears all titles from President down to char lady and has had a passion for animals all of her life.  It is because of this passion, love and respect for all animal life that gave Cynthia the impetus to offer the “feel-good feeling” to animals through her invention. Her mission is to grow the business to a level where she can generously contribute to reputable spay/neuter organizations to help reduce the suffering and over-population of animals.

Cynthia excels in customer service and shows her appreciation by placing a personal, hand-written thank you note on each packing slip which is nearly unheard of in this day of fast living.   She lives by the Golden Rule of treating her customers the same way that she wishes to be treated when patronizing another business.

Marketing began in March, 2008 by way of retail sales on the website and it has blossomed into wholesaling to animal-related catalogs and retail stores.  Animal-loving people comprise 100% of her customer base.

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