Molly Humble’s life was destined to be anything but ordinary from the very beginning. Abandoned by her mother in a hotel room as a 2-year-old, Molly learned early on that if she wanted to succeed, she’d have to make it happen herself.

Today, she’s a thriving new mom and a top real estate agent at Simmons Custom Real Estate Group . Her focus and drive is a perfect addition to Simmons, an agency that specializes in ground-up knowledge of the luxury market.

 In Molly’s early years, however, success was hardly a given. After such a rough start as a 2-year-old, Molly’s childhood was a time of inconsistency and uncertainty. Growing up with a single dad, money was tight, and there wasn’t always enough to cover expenses. Sometimes Molly would go without meals or hitchhike to school because her father had to start work too early in the morning to drive her. A solid future wasn’t guaranteed, and she had to work hard for anything she got, even when it felt like nobody had her back.

Molly knew she wanted something better when she grew up. The struggle of living paycheck to paycheck with her father made her determined to strive for a better future. She could have used her painful start as an excuse to play small in life – people have certainly done so over less. But instead of excuses, Molly used her past as fuel to work as hard as she could. In high school, she dove into her studies and graduated with honors. In college, she worked two jobs to get through school, pulling straight As and sometimes going without meals to make ends meet. Molly got her start in the industry in Arizona, and when she moved back to her hometown of Las Vegas, she knew that a unique agency like Simmons would be a perfect match for her.

It’s fitting that Molly would thrive at Simmons: like Molly, the agency is all about drawing on past experience to think outside the box in a way others can’t. Founder Coltyn Simmons brings more than a decade of construction and carpentry experience to his real estate offerings, and it shows in everything the agency does. Unlike agencies that focus solely on a home’s surface, Simmons knows that sales are most successful when homes are up-to-date and built to last. The agency’s in-house construction company covers clients’ home repairs and upgrades so they can bring in the best possible sales.

Molly’s unique eye and sense of focus has served as a huge asset to her team at Simmons. Her success is all about attention to detail, which she picked up in her years of building a life for herself from scratch. She regularly surprises other real estate professionals with her quick-earned wisdom and sharp eye. With her intuition guiding the way, Molly is on the pulse of real estate trends in a way that few others are.

For her, each home sale is personal, because she understands her clients’ dreams of creating better lives for themselves. She goes to bat for her clients and negotiates on their behalf until she gets them the very best. Molly knows what it’s like when nobody has your back, so she wants her clients to know she has theirs. And that means going above and beyond.

Of course, Molly also has another secret to success, and it’s one that can’t be learned in a classroom. Molly knows how to look at every angle of life and size up the good and bad to create something better. She can spot the special qualities that make life – or a home – shine. She nurtures those special qualities while rebuilding the rest into something stronger and better. And that’s exactly what you need in order to sell or find a home – or to create a beautiful life from humble beginnings.

So how did Molly hit such heights and help Custom Fit Realty thrive in the process? She turned a negative into a positive. Instead of letting the pain hold her back, she allowed that feeling to push her to give her daughter the life she never had. When she looks at her little girl, she is motivated to do all she can so her daughter doesn’t have to work as hard as she did.

One thing is for sure: no matter where you get started, determination and hard work can get you to the life of your dreams – and you can certainly help others find the same along the way. Just ask Molly!


Molly Humble is a top Nevada Realtor with Simmons Custom Fit Real Estate Group. The Group’s work has already been featured in NBC, FOX, Las Vegas Review Journal among other publications.This is  the only team in Las Vegas who has a Licensed General Contractor, allowing them to offer their “Update Before You Sell” program. With no money out of pocket, they will update your home so that it sells for the most money in the shortest time possible! Visit this link to find out more:  


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