We’re well over a month past making our New Year’s Resolutions. Now, it’s time for a pulse check. Are the gyms just as busy as they were at the start of January with people eager to make good on healthy habits for the new year?

A nationwide study by Arris Composites surveyed over 1,000 Americans to find out their fitness goals for 2023. The study found some Americans have set some high bars for themselves.

A whopping 78% of Americans plan on working out more often in 2023 than they did in 2022. More than half (65%) said they want to lose weight in the new year. The average person said they are hoping to lose 29 pounds. 

How do Americans plan to make some of these fitness goals a reality? The top workout of choice is walking, followed by weightlifting, running, hiking, yoga, cycling, swimming, joining a recreational sports team, high intensity workouts, and using an elliptical. The top overall fitness goals are exercising more often, building more endurance, lifting heavier weights, becoming more flexible, walking a certain number of steps each day, trying a new workout, running further distances, and beating personal records.

While gyms give us access to a wide variety of exercise equipment and, for some, a healthy dose of motivation, the study found not everyone is interested. 1 in 3 Americans don’t plan on going to a gym at all in 2023. Among those who are interested, 20% plan on joining a fitness center. The average amount Americans are willing to spend per month on a gym membership is $23. More than half (61%) of Americans said they prefer working out outside, while 39% said they like being in the gym.

Another huge fitness accomplishment Americans are hoping to tackle in the new year – running a race! 1 in 10 Americans say they will be preparing for a race in 2023. Of those training for race day, 58% will be doing a 5K, 31% a half marathon, 22% a 10K, and 17% a marathon. It will be a new experience for many of them as 63% of those who said they plan on training for a race, have not completed it before.


Running seems to be a trend among Americans for 2023. The study found 39% of Americans plan on running more often this year and for nearly half (42%) running is a new fitness habit for them. The survey found Americans are hoping to double their miles run in a week! The average goal for runners is to fit in 10 miles a week, where last year they were averaging about five miles on the trails per week. Even as much of the country sees temperatures dip below freezing, runners have thick skin! 3 out of 4 said they prefer to run outside. No matter the conditions, having the right pair of shoes for runners is extremely important. The top qualities for shoes that runners are looking for are 1) comfortability, 2) durability, 3) shock-absorbing, 4) fit, and 5) lightweight. More than half of Americans said they are looking to buy new running shoes in 2023.


Many are confident about their resolutions as 83% believe they’ll succeed with their fitness goals. However, 10% said they are not sure they’ll actually be able to achieve their fitness goals and 7% said they don’t have any fitness goals for the new year.

Whether you’re familiar with fitness or just starting out, setting goals and taking small steps can help you go a long way. Make sure to give yourself manageable fitness goals, so you can start 2023 off on the right foot.


All photo credits – Arris Composites