“Imagine living this year BEing your ideal income, body, health, friends, job, business. Imagine really making the changes, in a natural, comfortable, fun way. Imagine being naturally motivated, inspired and magnetic.” – Nan Akasha

already rich secrets to master your money mindI told you I like to go to the core, to get the fastest and most accurate results. The core of who you are is your Self image. Your Self image is the blueprint from which your systems operate. It is what your mind, your ego, and the Universe use as a guide to know what you want. Remember these systems are here 24/7 working to bring you what you want.

“Why don’t I have the money I want then?” You ask. I’ll bet a large portion of you reading this book right now, have read tons of books, taken classes and tried meditating, visualizing, making vision boards and more, with some or no results.

It’s not that these techniques aren’t useful. It is that you can only make ‘skin deep’ changes when you do not first change your Self image. It is a bit like covering up an ugly old chair with a blanket. It may look better, but it is still an ugly old chair underneath. It will never change by covering it with hopes, wishes and weak affirmations

So to create lasting change and permanent wealth you first start with your WEALTH IMAGE.

What is your wealth image? In the chapter “Already Rich”, we did a magnetic process where you went to the secret room within you and looked for the wealthy you. This is a great start on seeing your current self and wealth image, and beginning to change it to what you prefer. It is your internal, self image in terms of wealth, money, income, and the worthiness you feel towards it. Your Self image is how you see, think of and feel about yourself. It is not a reflection of your true self. Your true self is divine, abundant wealthy, healthy, loving, happy and limitless in all ways, always.

“I am connected to my true wealth image and the Universe supports me in every moment.”

Your Self image was formed when you were growing up, We are in theta brain state till we are about 7. This means we are wide open, absorb easily, and take on almost anything that is presented from an authority or with emotions. So you in fact now believe things about yourself that are untrue. You believe things about yourself that a 1, 2, 5, 7, year old decided. No wonder you don’t feel good and aligned with yourself! You would not let a 2 or 5 year old decide for you now. You know that a child has only certain conscious understanding. You know that things you thought were great and real as a child are not your reality anymore.

So it is time to revamp your Self image and your wealth image. It is time to transform from within. This is fun!

Magnetic Process:

Creating Your New Wealth Image

In order to attract, create, receive and enjoy wealth, you must see yourself as wealthy. You must believe you are wealthy. You must feel what it is like to be wealthy in just the way you desire. Not what others think. It must come from within you as a sincere desire. Remember, to manifest in physical reality, we must live in it mentally first.

Desire is the Divine source energy moving through you… communicating to you! Desire is the Universe telling you, ‘this is what you want, it will thrill you, expand you, give you what you most need”. It means it is the right thing for you at the time. It means you have the means, strength, vision and courage to make it happen, It means the Universe is on your side.

What you Believe is True for You and

Nothing Else

Your Self image and wealth image are the controlling blueprint you have created consciously or unconsciously.

It must be changed by conscious intent in order for you to alter your life experience and to attract and keep wealth. Your energy field is always moving and interacting with everyone and everything around you. It is a projection of your Self image and your thoughts and feelings about yourself and what you believe. Self esteem or what I call “wealth esteem” is a potent part of your wealth vibe… the vibration you put out that causes law of attraction to respond and bring you what you currently have. And this is the core. This is where I like to go.

Excerpt from Already Rich ~ Secrets to Master Your Money Mind (used with Permission)

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