Allow wellness, don’t settle for less by Christian Perkins 

"Allow wellness, don’t settle for less"It is not uncommon for people to choose natural alternatives to health care, preventative maintenance or specific healing, at least once.  Those that found the proper solution stick with and often research natural alternatives even more.  However, many skeptical people try it once, find no help and swear it off.  Witch doctor stamped on ‘natural alternatives’ and resulting in poor health care for the rest of their lives.  Convert the underlying fear into a strong desire to conquer the law of averages and protect your health from deteriorating as quickly. That fear symbolically declared as ‘it didn’t work for me’ is a roadblock you can transform into wellness.   

Naturopathic Practitioners are the forward thinking and solutions oriented Doctors that care enough about themselves and their patients to use natural solutions and bypass making the patient worse before better.    This form of wellness is widely recognized but rarely used by the majority of our population.  It is millenniums old and successful; but hey, it might hit the pharmaceutical companies in the wallet.  Ask yourself, does your doctor really care about what he prescribes or was he prevented from learning the natural alternatives and accept it by saying it isn’t his fault. 

Do you settle for less in all of your life?  It is not about him/her, it is about you.  What do you choose for your overall healthcare? Why is it that we in the USA certify doctors to know and prescribe man made chemical compositions and have little or no education about natural alternatives?   They study and practice medicine and are the PRIMARY SOURCE we know?  They also get sued more than any other service industry in the USA.To read the rest of the article, check out the Spring Issue of WE Magazine for Women – A Tribute to Mother Nature .