Original ‘Pretty Wild’ cast reunites for epic reunion show as Alexis Neiers launches ‘Recovering From Reality’ Podcast and lifestyle brand

Pop culture personality, mother, writer, doula, wife, podcaster, recovery champion for Alo House recovery centers, and advocate for mental health, Alexis Neiers, announced today that the long-awaited reunion of her cult-classic reality show from 2010, ‘Pretty Wild ’, is not only a reality, but also available for download at www.recoveringfromreality.com on Monday, March 11th 2019 as an episode of Alexis’ already trending podcast, Recovering From Reality.

While Us Weekly will be airing exclusive clips of the ‘Pretty Wild’ reunion episode on their various online platforms beginning Friday, March 8th, the only place to see Alexis, Tess, Gabby, and Andrea reunite for the first time since their pioneering reality show wrapped almost a decade ago, will be by downloading latest episode of Recovering from Reality .

Alexis got clean and sober at nineteen years of age, after facing up to six years in the prison system due to addiction. As the former star of the E! reality series ‘Pretty Wild’ who faced a burglary conviction as a member of the notorious “Bling Ring”, Alexis understands the power and importance of storytelling and media firsthand. As a survivor of the entertainment industry, IV heroin use, eating disorders, rape, physical violence, and childhood sexual trauma, Alexis is continuing her lifelong journey of personal recovery by connecting with others and sharing her experiences with the world through her podcast and emerging lifestyle media platform, Recovering From Reality .

Alexis said, “Stories of survival deserve to be told with pride. Recovering from Reality is for those who have gone through hell and emerged on the other side. By sharing our journeys like a badge of honor, we can begin to erase stigma, shift the status quo on addiction in our society, and open the door for others to do the same.” Alexis continued, “in my most humble opinion, the only way to effectively grow from our mistakes, trauma, and pain, is to own it, share it in a safe space, and work together to find the peace and resources out there from others who have had a similar experience; this is what inspired Recovering From Reality and my commitment to being part of the solution.”

Join Alexis and her incredible team on a compelling and captivating path of self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth as she explores the areas of daily life that many stigmatize to our collective detriment. It’s time to recover from reality!