My name is Amy Botwinick and I would like to share my story.  Eight years ago I found myself dealing with a nasty divorce, a career transition along with several health challenges.  I was scared and had no idea how I was going to turn my life around.  To help get me out of my downward spiral I hired a life coach.  After a few sessions she told me I needed something completely different to help get me “unstuck,” — and she encouraged me to take a “Ropes Class.”  She explained it would be a day of outdoor activities and games that would help me begin my journey toward finding myself.  Not knowing much more, I decided to sign.

The experience I had that day turned out to be the jump-start I needed to powerfully manage all of the life transitions I was facing.

Feeling a bit shy and out of my comfort zone, I began to connect with other women almost immediately as we worked together to find solutions to the games and group challenges presented to us.  The facilitators were warm and compassionate. They created a safe and supportive environment that put me at ease because every activity was challenge-by-choice.  I could participate in any way I chose. That took all the pressure off and gave me the courage to try different activities on my own terms.

As the day progressed, I learned how to be more effective in my communication with others.  This created great camaraderie with my fellow participants. I developed insights about the importance of teamwork that I later implemented with coworkers on the job. I also generated some “aha” moments about effectively using resources when we all pulled together as a group.  On a personal level, I took risks I never thought I was capable of. When I stepped up to opportunities to take on leadership roles, I found my voice and confidence once again.  I pushed beyond boundaries and tried challenges that helped me face some of my deepest fears.  I was able to do that because of the tremendous support and encouragement I felt. Being surrounded by all those women sharing the same experiences made it possible to step out of my comfort zone to try new things.

By the end of the day I felt a boost in my self esteem, made wonderful new friends and had a feeling that I was ready to take on my life — which I did.  I was so empowered by this experience I wanted to bring it to other women dealing with life challenges and transitions.  My passion is to support other women who need to begin the process of transforming their lives, letting go of fear and creating a greater vision for the future. I invite you to learn more about our next event on March 13th to share an experience that can positively transform your life to help you powerfully move on!  Please visit:

Amy Botwinick is the founder of Women Moving on at . She is partnering with  Women Helping Women Mastermind for the Adventure Based Learning Program!

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