Acquiesce Winery

by Wendy VanHatten

One of our pleasures is finding interesting wines. Usually this involves travel. This year is a little different in that aspect, however. So, I’ll remember last year!

Last year we discovered a winery located in Lodi, California. This winery owner and winemaker makes terrific white wines.

For those of you who know about Lodi, it’s hot there. Not your typical climate for delicate white wines.

Don’t get me wrong. Lodi has some amazing wines. It’s just that Lodi has been known for their Zins. Not whites.

Let’s taste…

The first smell was not what I expected. The first sip was even more different than I assumed it would be. In fact, it took me back to France. Crisp and slightly fruity. Full mouth feel. Not in-your-face high alcohol. Is this wine really from Lodi?

It turns out…yes.

The owner of Acquiesce Winery, Susan Tipton, makes her wines in the southern Rhone style. What does that mean? It means her vine cuttings started out in the famous region of Chateauneuf du Pape in France. Lodi’s sandy soils, hot days, and the cool, evening Delta breeze are a great place for these vines to flourish. It means she also has to pay attention to the wines. She picks her grapes early to avoid overripe fruit.

What did we taste? Grenache Blanc, Picpoul Blanc, Clairette Blancke, Viognier, and Grenache. All stellar, well-made wines that just caress your palette. Not an oaky Chardonnay nor a grassy Sauvignon Blanc to be found.

It’s no wonder she sells out every year.

And, Lodi. Well…before Zins were popular here, Chenin Blanc was the leading varietal.

If you haven’t visited Lodi, you might be surprised to learn there are 110,000 acres of wine grapes in the Lodi Appellation. That’s more than Napa and Sonoma combined.

I’d visit if I were you.