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From November 15th thru January 15th we are not accepting new articles for WE Magazine – except for those who have a listing in HER Business Directory Listings

Please bookmark this site for future reference to submit content in the future.
"Write for WE Magazine for Women - Submission Guidelines"Having your work included in our publications and online is a great way to gain exposure to new people and markets. It can help you sell your information, products, services or other intellectual endeavors (such as workshops, seminars, and the like). Having your articles appear on our site can give you greater visibility, credibility and help you build your own promotional lists and maximize your exposure both online and offline. Subsidiaries of The Women’s eCommerce Association, International (hereinafter referred to as Women in Ecommerce™) includes: WE magazine for Women,  Women in Ecommerce, Women of Wisdom, Women’s Global Registry and EcommerceNews.

Publishers and visitors interested in publishing articles by the authors listed on WE Magazine for Women and its subsidiaries must contact the author directly. Unless withheld, you will find contact information in the Signature File (resource box listed below the article). Authors and writers are invited to submit their articles to our libraries and our publications. Please read the submission guidelines listed below before submitting any content for inclusion.

Submission options for WE Magazine for Women – Please Read Carefully as our submission policy has changed.

#1 Feature Story – submit for possible inclusion in a future issue (provided it meets our editorial guidelines found on the GET Featured pages –  WE do not promise backlinks for features about people. Each featured person is chosen by our editorial team and must meet above criteria – to include social media reach (# of twitter followers, FB fans, linkedin friends, etc). If featured you/your client would be asked to mention the article/feature on each of your social media channels. Must include at least one photo of person being featured.

#2  Sponsored Posts  – this is an article-like post that clearly states it is a sponsored post at the end of the article. Sponsored posts can include no more than 3 backlinks and range from $30 to $100 per post depending on the content and length of the post. Size 350 to 1250 words. To inquire about pricing’ email with the suggested post included in the body of the email. The only attachments WE accept are jpeg or png graphics to be added to the article. All pdf, .doc, docx and text attachments will be discarded. Up to three graphics may be submitted with sponsored posts (one of which can be a logo). Up to two links can also be included in the body of the article plus one link in the signature file (bio) footer. Because each case is unique, sponsored posts are first reviewed for appropriateness and second for content length and  promotion.

Some restrictions: We accept articles that are of interest to women – we do not accept articles with excessive profanity, vulgarity, racism or anything deemed by our editorial team to be inappropriate to our audience.

Once published the article will remain on the website indefinitely.  The only time an article is removed is if we do a complete redesign of the site – and it becomes necessary to delete certain categories.

The words “sponsored post” is included at the end of each article.

Note: In the 10 years we have been publishing, we have not removed any articles and we have redesigned the site four (4) times.

#3 Advertorials –  based upon space availability. This is similar to a sponsored post except this can be in the form of an advertisement or an article –  there is a flat fee of $50 for this type of content and “Advertorial” is clearly stated at the beginning of the article.  Size 250 to 500 words with one link back included. To inquire about this, email with the company name and link included in the body of an email. All attachments will be discarded. One Logo or graphic can be included with advertorial.

#4 Product Reviews – see submission guidelines for product reviews

#5 Book Reviews – see submission guidelines for book reviews

#6 Articles – Submit a non-promotional how to, inspirational or entertaining article with one link to a main site in the signature (bio) at the end of the article or in the body of the article. Bio can be up to 30 words including link.  See Submission Guidelines below for more information:

Article Title: Up to 150 characters. Article: 450 to 1200 words for the digital magazine (see editorial calendar for themes and submission dates).  Article count will vary based upon specific issues. Please read query to get exact word count for each issue an article is requested for.

Author Bio (for the Signature file/resource box): Between 25 and 50 words Max and can include ONE link.

Topic Area: Please include the topic or subject area of your article. If the topic area is not suggested we reserve the right to post your submission to the topic area we feel most appropriate. If we cannot discern from your article which area is most suitable, your article stands a good chance of not being accepted.

Article Format: We are no longer accepting articles via email, you must use our online submission formIf you do include any graphics such as photos, etc, you MUST INCLUDE THE IMAGE SOURCE WITH YOUR SUBMISSION. If image source is not stated, image WILL NOT BE USED.    Priority publishing is given to those who do supply graphics with their submission. All other supplemental materials such as graphs and charts are encouraged as a link back to the origin (not as an attachment).

How to Submit Your Article: Please use our convenient online submission form, however   Unless requested by us, we are no longer accepting articles submitted via email. THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS SPONSORED CONTENT WHICH MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL.  If your content is of a timely nature, the best way to submit is via our online submission form.  

Author Contact Information: Please include your contact information with your submission. This includes your name, company name (where applicable), your address, website URL and email address. The only contact information we publish online and in our newsletter is the information you provide for the resource box. If you do not wish to have your email address published, do not include it in your resource box. If you do not want to be contacted by WE Magazine for Women,  Women in Ecommerce™ and its subsidiaries, please do not submit content to our sites.

Author Bio or Resource box (to be published at the end of the article): Please include any writing credentials you may have such as who have you written for, what topics you write about, etc. Something that would get our readers to know a little bit about you. Articles without author info are automatically rejected.

Here is an example:
Cherie Calbom, author of The Juice Lady’s Sipping Skinny (, holds a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University. She is author of 35 books, including The Juice Lady’s Anti-Inflammation DietThe Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green SmoothiesThe Juice Lady’s Turbo DietThe Juice Lady’s Living Foods RevolutionThe Complete Cancer Cleanse, and Juicing for Life with over 2 million books sold in the US and published in 23 countries.  She has worked as a celebrity nutritionist with George Foreman and Richard Simmons, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows and in scores of magazine articles.

Copyright Information: We only accept articles written by the author or copyright holder. WE Magazine for Women adheres to all local, national and international copyright laws. By submitting an article to one of our sites and/or publications you are granting permission for its use on the website in our resource library (articles), in our member resources area and/or in our magazine and newsletters. If the article is for inclusion to a specific area or for a specific purpose, please state as much when you make your submission. Contributing Authors retain all copyrights to their individual works.

Payment: At this time we are not paying for article submissions of any kind.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that we will use your article in our publications or on our blog or web sites. Subscribers – In order to be considered a contributing author to any of our publications, you must be a subscriber. To subscribe, click on the subscribe link or send a message to with “add me to your subscriber list” in the subject line. The only exception to this rule is publicists submitting on behalf of clients.

Submission Deadlines: To have a greater chance that your work will be considered and included in any of our digital issues, it is important to submit your work by the posted deadline listed on the Editorial Calendar page. Keep in mind that the posted deadlines may be changed at the discretion of the publisher. Also note that there is no deadline for articles for our online magazine. If you have an article or story that is timely, please mention in your submission. Otherwise your article will be published based upon first sent, first served philosophy.  As stated above, email submissions can take up to six months to appear on our site. Online direct submissions using our online submission form  take up to 3 days. Please keep that in mind when sending in your content. We do not publish articles of any kind that are, slanderous, racist, of a pornographic nature or we consider in poor taste.

In addition, when submitting articles, we reserve the right to use the article in the digital magazine and/or on the WE Magazine for Women website.

Disclaimer: If you see articles on our site that are longer than our posted content size, it is generally because it was an article WE used in a digital issue that we are now republishing to our RSS audience. Please do not send articles in that do not meet our criteria. We do not edit for length, content or grammar. We do look for minor grammatical errors and if the article has several errors, it will be REJECTED by our editorial team. Keep in mind that WE may or may not contact you to inform you that your content was rejected.


Digital “Reprints” are available.  If you submit an article that is included in either or quarterly issue or our Holiday Gift-Giving Guide and would like a copy of it in PDF (including any the graphics used in the publications), the cost is $27.  We do not offer reprints to articles that are used solely on this site.  You may link to the article, and/or excerpt  a portion of the article as long as reference is made to the author.  Any other use of content on this site, requires permission from the publisher and/or the author.

FYI: We are not an article bank. While we welcome articles that have been repurposed from other content and sites, your chances of getting published in our magazine or on our site are greatly improved when the TitLE has been changed AND the article has been edited with at least a 50% change in the content.

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