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Getting Your Book Reviewed by WE Magazine for Women

“Heidi and team, I wanted to drop you a line and say Thank You so much for your support of my work and for the support and encouragment you offer to all women.”  Sincerely yours, Marion Witte, Author Wise Women Collection: The No-regrets Bucket List and Wise Women Collection: Courage of the Soul.

We are delighted that you would consider having one of our editors review your book, and would be happy if we could keep up with our backlog. If you decide to send us a copy of your book, here are some things to keep in mind…

We Write Recommendations, Not Reviews
Because it is challenging enough for new authors to get noticed, WE only make recommendations on this site, and WE never write negative reviews. Having said that, WE may elect not to review your book, if WE feel that it isn’t a match for our editorial standards. Because there just isn’t enough time to read all of the wonderful books we receive, it is possible that we may just not be able to get to your book.


“…thanks for your  love and appreciation for books and taking the time to help your fellow writers get the word out.” Rachel Pappas, Author of Hopping Roller Coasters

Having said that, If we do not review the book, WE will list your book in our new monthly Books WE Received this Month section.  The information WE list on this page includes the title/subtitle of your book, the author name and a link to more information or how to purchase the book. If the book is in pre-publication, we will link to the author’s or publisher’s website.

If you feel our audience is the right one for your book, send your book to:

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
WE Magazine for Women
P.O. Box 550856
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355-0856

Please include a cover sheet with a paragraph about the book and an email return address so we can acknowledge we have received the book. Some of our authors include a self-addressed postcard.  Please also include the same information and send to heidi@wemagazineforwomen.

This is a great way to get a quicker response from our editorial team. Also be sure to include where/how to purchase and an email address so we can let you know when the book will be either listed or reviewed. Note: we are backlogged about three months on book reviews.

 Dear Heidi, “I would like to express sincere thanks for taking the time to review Robert Fischer’s novel Plane Jane. Your review has been selected to use in marketing the book and/or a portion of your review has been published in the finished copy of Plane Jane. In appreciation of your time and support, Martin Pearl Publishing would like to send you a signed finished copy. Thank you again for your time and support. It is greatly appreciated!” Sincerely, Angelina McKinsey – President, Martin Pearl Publishing

There is no deadline for submission, however we prefer to review books within a year of their release date. We are open to reviewing older books if they are timely, evergreen and you can convince us the book is worth reviewing.

Additional Information

Books can be autographed (not personalized) and/or marked “review copy” as we donate them to various women’s groups after they have appeared on our site or in our magazine.

Books received will not be returned.

To expedite your book getting featured WE recommend author submit the following:

Author Interviews & Excerpts

While we cannot guarantee a book review, some of our authors have opted to send us either an excerpt of the book (350 to 600 words) or an “author interview” which should include at least four questions/answers including why the book was written, what the book is about, etc. The author may choose how many and which additional questions to ask/answer. Many of our authors choose this option as it can expedite the visibility since WE only have to add the content and a photo of the book to our site. It is the perfect way for authors to get “quick media attention and publicity.”

Here is an example of a book excerpt: Me, The Crazy Woman and Breast Cancer ~

Here’s an example of an author interview: Approaching Neverland ~ and

If you are interested in sending an excerpt or submitting an interview (send at least 4 Q & A) to Heidi (at)  Include a link to the cover of the book and a link to the author’s photo. Please, no attachments. All emails with attachments will be discarded and you will not receive a reply. Be sure to send a copy of your book via mail.  Book excerpts and interviews will not be posted until we actually receive a hard copy of the book.

All excerpts and interviews must be sent via email in a word document or in the body of an email.  No PDF or other “protected document” as we cannot grab the words to post to WE Magazine for Women. No exceptions.

When you submit a book for review you are giving us permission to use the book graphic and review in our digital magazine AND/OR on our website.

At this time we are NOT reviewing eBooks. 

"WE Magazine Worth Reading Icon"


“I wanted to thank you for including my interview in your recent edition of Worth Reading.  I really appreciate it. I also wanted to let you know that it–and your publication–has been getting a lot of interest as I’ve passed it on through my on-line network.  I look forward to continue to read WE stories.” All my best, Rita Dragonette



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