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Want a Cost Effective Way to Advertise Your Business or Organization?

WE magazine for women is an international digital business and lifestyle magazine focusing on the total women. In addition to women who want to learn more about doing business on and off the WEB, WE’s audience consists of women who want to explore great destinations, improve their outlook on life, learn quick and easy ways to get and stay healthy, find out about the latest technology gadgets and information, get some networking tips, become inspired as they read about women making a difference in the world and even ideas for great entertaining and expand their knowledge of business.

  •    Advertisers receive targeted advertising to recipients via email, social media and onsite marketing efforts
  • We offer affordable pricing for small business owners looking for more exposure for their advertising dollars.
  • Advertising rates are a significantly lower than those of most print publications including magazines or newspaper ads.
  • Advertisers are also welcome to submit articles in their area of expertise which will result in additional promotion of their product/service – see article submission guidelines for more information:


Banner adds range from $59 per month to $199 depending on size and placement of the ad.

  • Header ads are $199 per month size is 468 X 60 pxls
  • Side bar ads are $899 per month – size is 300X by 250 pxls
  • Footer adds are $59 per month – size is 125 X 125 plxs.

WE require a minimum 3 month commitment (paid in advance) in order to secure the spot. 

If paid in full for 6 months, there is a 20% discount.

If paid in full for 12 months, there is a 25% discount.

To inquire about availability and to order send a message to

All ads are subject to approval.

All ads must be submitted in either jpeg, png or gif format (exact size) with the URL the ad should link to. WE also accept the “href” codes for the above.

WE magazine for women™ is considered the E-source for business, executive and professional women. Our readers are made up of women (and men) searching for ways to enhance their lives personally and professionally – that includes how to be improve their relationships, enhance their career skills, how to promote their products and services online and offline, how to increase their income and fortune, how to establish a web presence, travel and technology tips, entertainment news and general advice, a myriad of women-focused resources as well as international news that women need and want to know about.

We accept ads for products and services our readers are likely to want.
Great for merchandise, business opportunities, business start-ups and professional services.

The digital magazine is sent (PDF and Turning-Page (FLASH) format) to more than 103,000 readers.
The typical page count of WE magazine is 47 pages, plus or minus.

Listed below are the current rates for graphic ads based upon 3 (three) issues per year. Should you require additional information, or wish to advertise for more than one year, please contact for special pricing. These prices are based upon the current distribution of 83,000 + (as of December 01, 2017). This does not include the more than 225,000+ unique visitors we receive each month which increases the viewing rate considerably. Currently our average for new subscribers is between 5% and 9% increase per month.

Posted rates are good through 2018 and are subject to change beginning January 1, 2019. Take advantage of our special rates today! Rates are quoted in US Dollars. Click here for currency converter.

* Full color Advertising Rates – must be submitted camera ready

*Full Page

8″ X 10″

½ Page

4″ X 5″

¼ Page

2″ X 2.5″

Business Card

1 Issue





2 Issues*





3 Issues*





All 4 Issues**





* up to 25% discount shown for all four issues (includes Special Editions unless otherwise noted)

* Page size is approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches

All ads must be submitted as a jpeg 72 dpi or png for web use and 300 dpi for magazine or PDF

To advertise, contact Gina at news (at) with “Advertise WE Magazine” in subject line.

If you are interested in placing a classified ad, see our Classified Advertising Rates and Policy

*Note: if you need help putting your graphics together, let us know. For as little as $50 we can design an ad for you.  For more information and to see samples of the ads we have created for our advertisers, go to:

Here is a screenshot of our Alexa rankings as of May 5, 2019:

"WE Magazine Alexa Rank"

As you can see, we have increased rankings by more than 360K (since February) and our United States ranking is now under 500K!

Here is a snapshot of our latest statistics from previous ten months:

April 2019
Average Daily visits 6081
Monthly visits 182430

March 2019
Average Daily visits 6162
Monthly visits 191022

February 2019
Average Daily visits 6345
Monthly visits 184005

January 2019
Average Daily visits 6271
Monthly visits 194401

December 2018 
Average Daily visits 6973
Monthly visits 216163

November 2018
Average Daily visits 6005
Monthly visits 180150

October 2018
Average Daily visits 5911
Monthly visits 183241

September 2018
Average Daily visits 5489
Monthly visits 164670

August 2018
Average Daily visits 5012
Monthly visits 155372

July 2018
Average Daily visits 4329
Monthly visits 134199



Women between 35 and 65 – 64% U.S. 21% Europe, 7% Australia, 8% India
100K+ social media fans, 135k+ monthly visitors, 83K+ subscribers

Additional ways you can advertise on/in WE Magazine for Women:

#2  Sponsored Posts & Advertorials  – this is an article-like post that clearly states it is a sponsored post at the end of the article. Sponsored posts can include no more than 3 backlinks and range from $40 to $100 per post depending on the content and length of the post. Size 350 to 1150 words. To inquire about pricing’ email with the suggested post included in the body of the email. The only attachments WE accept are jpeg or png graphics to be added to the article. All pdf, .doc, docx and text attachments will be discarded. Up to three graphics may be submitted with sponsored posts (one of which can be a logo). Up to two links can also be included in the body of the article plus one link in the signature file (bio) footer. Because each case is unique, sponsored posts are first reviewed for appropriateness and second for content length and  promotion.  All Sponsored posts must be paid prior to publication of submitted article/content. Once post has been published, NO REFUNDS will be issued.

Banner Ads (as stated above).

Straight Ads (only available for the digital download edition).

Once published, your article remains on the website indefinitely.  The only time an article is removed is if we do a complete redesign of the site – and it becomes necessary to delete certain categories.  In the 14+ years we have been publishing, we have only removed a handful of articles from 2006 and 2007 to make room for new and updated content.


Last updated February 1, 2019

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