"A tree is so much more than a tree"…it is one of a huge family of trees, all working to be the glue that breathes life into the forest.

By Bea Kunz, Greenwise Editor

Examining weighty environmental issues such as hydraulic fracturing and climate change. Are task most of us will not take on as a challenge.

However, if we will accept the challenge of issues we are comfortable with and knowledgeable about, those more intimidating ones will not be so readily apparent.

Mindful, intentional communities with sustainable habits, based on basics such as , housing, food, energy, water, and transportation, these will draw and knit together a fiber that holds strong and spreads across all boundaries.

We are living a time of great change, a turning point, witnessing a shift from growth-at-any-cost-system to a more-do-no-harm-and reverse and preserve the goodness of the earth we have left.

Nature is so forgiving…up to a point-when that point is trampled on with disregard to her warnings-the wrath turns from warning to destruction. Look, and ye shall see, the warning signs are all around us.

For way too long the mind-set has been “me” and “today.”

A shift back to “ community bonding” will heal many wounds and grow into a living, viable, infrastructure that will lessen the burden of government responsibility and therefore government control. We simply can’t have it both ways, time is now to make a choice.

One person with purpose can equal a community with intention.

One is the beginning of a group, be that one who steps up and fuels the action-learn, grow, share, and know …we must be the change we wish to see .