Recently I tuned in to an interview with Kim Kiyosaki which got my attention. Kim mentioned reading an article in The Economist which stated that the next big economic boom is not China, India or the Internet. It is Empowering Women because in times of economic crisis it’s Women who rise up and take action…

It led me to reflect on all the change that we’ve observed in the self growth industry. In 2006, Rhonda Byrnes birthed The Secret and the personal development field was changed forever in terms of those bringing us the information.

Suddenly, almost overnight, we were exposed to leaders in the fields of personal growth and self development who reflected us… Here was Loral Langemeier, then a single mother AND business tycoon, and Lisa Nichols, a black woman who talked about how she overcame internalized racism.

Watching The Secret allowed us to ask ourselves some deep questions.

You see, the Secret was the beginning of a New Day, both in media, and more importantly on our planet! Women are coming into their power, and as we do, we lift our families, our communities, and our nations higher!

Think about it: if a society of mothers and grandmothers was running the planet, do you think we may have experienced more peace, prosperity and stability as a group these past few hundred years?

I think so!  Women are nurturers by nature. They build relationships and foster growth and development.

Can you see how women of all nations reclaiming their power is good for the planet?

I think so!

This is a new time for the planet, and it’s a time for women to rise! So whether you are a woman, or you’ve always envisioned a society that allows women to be empowered, NOW IS YOUR TIME~

I recognize myself as a thought leader who is here to remind us of our magnificence and to bring us to new levels of self-empowerment. I have personally interviewed some of the top women leaders in many areas of personal growth and self-development. From financial empowerment and investment, to parenting, health and wellness, relationships to business, personal empowerment and mindset mastery…

I’ve also partnered with Catrice Jackson, International Empowerment Speaker, to create a platform, open up a sacred space and bring  us a life-changing series starting January 31, 2011.

We’ve got each area of personal development covered.

And we welcome men to get involved. In fact, as a man by taking in this information, you will be opening yourself to a positive future for all of the women in your life, and for yourself.

Now is your chance to advance. And if you join us ,you will look back on this day years later, and be thankful that you made this choice. To rise, stand in your power and to fully step into your greatness!


It runs January 31 to February 9 2011!

About the author: Lorna Blake is an Empowerment Specialist and Radio Show Host. She has a passion for helping women recognize their power and transform their lives! Lorna is a featured author in the Amazon best-seller The Gratitude Book Project.