True, we all can’t, nor have desire to be a master gardener, however, I do believe we all have some need and desire to connect with the earth on a one to one level…getting down and dirty in a garden project is one of the most awesome ways to de-stress and bring joy to a day.

Gardening can be very intimidating unless we understand the Anatomy of a garden.

Small projects are rather easily pulled together, while larger ones require some real indepth thought and planning if we wish to make a connection with the surrounding spaces.

Paths, objects of interest, and one major vocal point can bring a project to life easily.

Every garden does not need to have a formal look, but…every garden should have some unifying elements that bring symmetry despite an otherwise informal planting style.

A simple garden gate seperating and leading from a driveway into the garden; a hedge along the southside of the garden: flagstone walking paths or path leading to a small spring-fed or man-made pond with water life : any of these can bring your small garden space to life for those who are lucky enough to partake.

Don’t forget a small table and bench for a comfy spot to offer and enjoy a cup of tea with a friend or just to sit and ponder the beauty of your surroundings.

Happy gardening~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms