… Not just ANY forum, Small Business Forum CAN and Will Help Your Business Grow ~ With the help of Subject Matter Experts YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS.

After more than 20 years protecting the Intellectual Property of characters such as Barney the Purple Dinosaur and having spent nearly a decade as a registered lobbyist in DC working on behalf of the American Free Trade Association, last summer I launched my own consultancy, LVP Solutions, LLC (www.lvpsolutions.com).

Diving head-first and with eyes wide open into this new world of small business ownership, the tremendous gap between small business needs and available, cost-effective professional resources could not have been more obvious. The sheer number of networking events and attending professionals was overwhelming; the sheer volume of information received from an endless array of self-proclaimed “experts” was staggering.

SBF™ (Small Business Forum) was created as a tool for small businesses to overcome frustrating marketplace challenges.

SBF™ is the single, bona fide, comprehensive authority and resource for the small business community.

SBF’s elite roster of esteemed, fully vetted, highly-regarded Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide niche expertise in critical areas for all stakeholders — such as accounting, marketing, financial planning, legal matters, leadership training, video production and social media (to name but a few).

SBF™ presents every member of the small business community — whether vendor, owner or customer — dynamic, unique and exciting opportunities to optimize/generate revenue, visibility and reputation.

With full launch just a few months away, SBF’s collective, distinctive voice is already being requested and respected. On May 2 and May 3, 2011, I was in Washington, D.C. and, during several meetings with key congressional committee leaders and staff, discussed SBF™, its agenda and leadership. There is no doubt that SBF™ is clearly positioned as the premier, international Small Business Forum.

SBF™ is now accepting additional SME applications, welcomes inquiries from potential marketplace vendors, and asks any group or association interested in working with SBF™ as an Affiliated Association, to please contact us directly (info@sbfsmallbusinessforum.com) or me personally at lauren@lvpsolutions.com (office phone is 954-349-8298) for more information.

Check out the video interview Lauren Perez, Founder of the Small Business Forum did with Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher of WE Magazine for Women: Lauren V. Perez Goes to the Whitehouse