Part One by Lisa Hein

At my last conference, I decided to speak on a new subject because  of a little whisper

I received 

in my ear that said, ‘give the people Hope!’ That word is such a heartfelt word that means to inspire with optimism, confidence, and trust.

As a parenting author, I questioned this idea and thought long and hard about it. I said to myself, ‘how in the world would anyone not want to talk about a new attitude?’ As women and mothers, why wouldn’t we want to hear about something that gives us hope?

The word I chose to disect is JUDGMENTAL.

In Part One of my article, I will share how the first part of the word JUDG(E) consists of explanations on how we can be accountable to ourselves when starting to decide that ‘A New Attitude Starts With Me!’


J is for Judge. Many scriptures address judging or being judgmental. In John 7:24 it clearly states ‘Do not judge according to appearance but judge with righteous judgment.’ How many times a day do we see a situation or a person who doesn’t look or act the way we think they should and immediately make a derogatory comment? Maybe, we chit-chat about our boss, husband or even our children. How does that leave you feeling after you have torn someone else apart because ‘you just had to get it off your chest?’

When we focus on negativity and allow it to rule our attitude, it does nothing but bruise our spirit meanwhile leaving us feeling bad.

Isn’t it time to choose to clear out all that negativity and decide that you want more out of yourself than what you are experiencing? This may be the first step to learning how to shift the negativity inside that leaves us feeling worse about ourselves than anything else.

U is for Understanding. How important is it for people to understand your feelings? Do you have the desire to be just as interested and understanding to their situation? I’ve seen people that are listening to what another person is saying and their tongue is counting the seconds before they get to start ‘one-uping’ the story your friend, colleague, child, husband or wife, is saying. Do we ever take the time needed to completely fall into and become part of this very important conversation?

The most beautiful thing about understanding is it gives us the ability to be sensitive and caring. Because really, do any of us know what each other is going through? We want to be totally understanding, but at times we are to afraid. Will you truly be there and understand completely what the person standing in front of you is feeling?

When we allow ourselves to embrace other peoples thoughts and words it really does make us feel good.

D is for Deceitful. Uh oh! Are you? Are you the type of person that when asked to take on a task you give 100% of yourself? Or, do you accept the challange and then make everyone miserable around you? If your boss asks you to run an errand, is that all you do, or do you feel that it’s perfectly ok to pull through your favorite coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee and/or then drive over to the dry cleaners since your right there?

How about when someone comes to you and confides in you, asking you not to tell anyone! Can you do it?

To me being deceitful only ends up hurting you, so let’s turn that word into Dignity. Doesn’t that just sound so much nicer? Dignity is what brings integrity to the forefront.

G is for Grateful. Ah yes the ‘in’ word. Everyone all of a sudden is grateful. I have to admit though, I love the feeling when I say it. If I must be honest, I try to say it at least 15-20 times a day. I also find myself sharing that word with many friends and family members.

The saddest thing right now is to hear others complaining about their jobs. Are you kidding me? With the overall population being approximately 15% unemployed, would you like to change places with one of them? I personally choose not to accept what we are going through as a ‘recession’ or ‘depression.’ To me, this is a time of taking us back to the basics. Learning how to have only what we ‘need’ rather than all the ‘just gotta have this or that!’

Being grateful enables us to learn that the world does not revolve around us anymore. We are only a small part of it and by being pressed the way we are, perhaps we are able to teach our children a really great lesson in being grateful for what we have and not allow them to continue feeling so entitled.

GRATEFUL: Giving Radically Allows The Earth Fulfillment & Unconditional Love

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