By Lisa R. Hein

In this two-part article series of A New Attitude Starts With Me we discuss how the word Judgmental can turn our attitude from being negative to magnificent.

In Part one  I talked about the word JUDG(E) which consists of explanations on how we can be accountable to ourselves.

In this article we are discussing the second half of the word which is Mental.

M is for Magnificent. What an amazing word. Just saying it makes you feel like you want to be better. The definition of magnificent is: gorgeous, splendid, exquisite, extravagant, nobel, superb, extraordinarily fine, making a spledndid appearance or show with exceptional beauty.

It’s easy for us to blow someone off and be rude. Can you imagine how fun it would be to walk away and someone say, “man, they are remarkable and the way she handled herself was magnificent!”

How nice to feel good, by giving ourselves permission to know that we can change! We can make that shift from being derogatory and mean to one another and understant that being respectful is a blessing not a curse.

E is for Excellence. Remember how cool it was when your child brought home their report card and it was full of ‘E’s?’ It represented Excellent. It meant that the things they did in class were completed in an above-average way. It meant they felt proud of what they di and gave 100% of themselves.

If you had to grade yourself, how many ‘E’s’ would be given? When you think about the way you speak to others, they way you act when someone cuts you off while driving, the way you react when you get a speeding ticket, or someone cuts in line at the market? Can we turn those thoughts from irate to excellence?

More than anything, I believe we really want to get along, and guess what? It only takes one person at a time to do this. Will you take the first step? Will you take all the negativity you feel inside and shift it to become excellent in everything you do?

Excellence – Just Be It!

N is for Nice. It’s the simplist 4 letter word around. It means, pleasing, agreeable, delightful, pleasant, kind, tactful and pleasant. Wow! Can this be any simpler?

Not interested in being nasty!

I always want to be an inspiration!

Call me nuts, but I want to feel magnificent!

Excellence is exhibited in everything I do!

Let’s get back to the basics and treat our fellow citizens and family members exactly the way we want to be treated. BUT, we can only do it we are being truthful and honest about exhibiting kindness, and speaking with respect. We cannot expect anything back in return. If we do, then we get hurt, angry and think it doesn’t work.

Nice is the opposite of mean….your choice!

T is for Trustworthy. Are you? Can people depend on you to keep a secret? Can your boss confide in you with sensitive information? If you are having marital or financial issues , can your husband or wife count on you to not tell everyone what is going on? Can your child tell you something that is very crucial to them without worrying that you are discussing it with your friend hthat has a child she hangs out with?

When we are unable to hold onto information that someone shares with us….and their request ends up with the words “please don’t share this with anyone else.” Can you? If not, maybe the right thing for you to do is ask them to please not share it with you as you may not be able to hold it in. How trustworthy is that?

I know how fun it can be to gossip about each other. But, eventually it always ends up back in your lap and then what? Eventually they will find out you leaked the confidential conversation you promised you would keep a secret. How does that leave you feeling?

Be a good example of knowing how trustworthy you can be. Your children are listening….be a great example to them.

A is for Ambition. Give all you can give. Stay focused. Give 100% of yourself. Have dignity in everything you do and in everything you do, do it magnificently! It isn’t about what anyone else is doing, it’s about you and the importance or the desire to shift from being ‘ho-hum’ to ‘ah ha!’

I saw my life do a 180 degree change when I was in my early 50’s! I’m so proud of myself that I listened to the little voice inside that said “Yes, you can! Yes, you can do this!” Go, discover, and uncover your true passions.

We can do anything we put our minds to. It may not be easy, but if we believe in what we are doing, it’s amazing who might be right there to support us!

Ambitious people reach their goals!

L is for Life. That’s it! Nothing phenomenal or philosophical. Just live your life, without being judgmental, with lots of understanding, not being deceitful, only being grateful, magnificent, excellent, nice, trustworthy, and with lots of ambition! Life…it’s better than the alternative!

Lisa Hein has been speaking around the country and can be heard world-wide on her radio talk show ‘Everyday Parenting.’ THE BOOK “I’m Doing The Best I Can!” (They won’t always be cute and adorable) is a down-to-earth resource that leaves you feeling empowered to be the best parent you can by leaving all the garbage we’ve been bombarted with outside!

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