By Dr. Sally Witt

More and more, we are opening ourselves up through Social Networking and Internet Marketing to be an incredibly global community.  We learn about each other’s culture as we work towards making friends, and doing business. 

Traditional health information, products, and services are now available on the internet.  You can even pay for some medical information for your family without leaving home now on a few websites.  Doctors monitor hospital rooms, even intensive care rooms are sometimes monitored offsite in some areas.  The medical personnel can cover many more patients using technology.

There are so many tools to use for free to improve your health on the internet.   I belong to an amazing international community called  There is emotional support in the community for almost everything to do with your health, dieting, exercise, and more.  Some members have lost over 100 pounds and the entire time on the website is free.  Another site that I love is  Groups, communities, solid information, and extra features every month. 

I live in the Philadelphia area of the US, and have friends all over the US and on almost every continent.  We stay in contact through skype, a very useful tool that lets us instant message, share files, and have voice chats for free with other users.

Learning new skills can be stressful.  Some of us have anxiety as we push past our comfort zones every step of the way.  Once you master certain skills when using the internet, you can get work done, and share services and information on the web so easily.  Many women have fear around learning more about websites and software.  Just know that you are not alone, and the rewards are wonderful.  Senior citizens are using the services on the internet in greatly increasing numbers all the time.  Yes, you can master this tool!

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