An interview with JP Jones, Author of Market Yourself: A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

"market yourself by JP Jones"Did you ever expect to be an author?

Absolutely not. I am definitely an ‘accidental’ writer. Unlike many authors I write out of my passion to teach, which is how the book came about in the first place. While teaching at a University, another instructor and I were discussing the lack of training for the students (Communication Majors) in the field of Social Media as it pertained to business. I began working up a curriculum for a new class and the next thing I knew I was getting the book published!

What do you enjoy most about writing now that you’ve taken that plunge?

For me it’s still about helping others learn the skills and techniques that I’ve learned—sometimes the hard way-to be able to be successful themselves.


If I understand correctly, by profession you are actually a designer/marketing professional? How are the two connected to your writing?

Well, like all authors I write what I know. Something that I help my clients with are their marketing undertakings. Whether my company, Collipsis Web Solutions ( has designed a website for them or through my print graphics house, Paige1Media ( we have created print material resources, at some point marketing comes into play. When it does, my books will help them sell their products or themselves.


Tell us a little bit about this first book, “Market Yourself”?

Market Yourself! Is a beginner’s guide to social media. There are chapters on using Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, all the big social media outlets to their fullest extent in your marketing efforts.

Will you be writing again in the future?

Absolutely, now that I’ve started, I’ve found a love for the written word. I am currently working on my second book, “31 Days of Marketing” a step-by-step 1 month intensive course on marketing any product. It should be out by the end of this summer.

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