Whether you cook in a tiny home or prepare feasts in an open concept living space, it seems homeowners could always use more room in the kitchen. From cramped countertops to disheveled cabinets and pantries, you just can’t seem to make enough room to spread out. 

Luckily, kitchens are quite adaptable, and there are many ways to use every inch of space to accommodate cooks, kids and more. Here are eight ways to save space in your kitchen, no matter how compact or spacious.

1. Organize Your Cabinets

Cabinets can get cluttered quickly. From container lids to that one hard-to-find platter you always use for entertaining guests, it can get frustrating, to say the least. So do yourself a favor and invest in cabinet storage solutions . Tuck a lazy Susan inside deep corner cabinets or add a drawer organizer to provide separation of utensils and cutlery. 

You can also install wire racks in the cabinets for more efficient use of space. Racks can help you store wine bottles, separate bowls and even lift spice jars so you can find them in a pinch. As you make organizational updates, be sure to consider kitchen cabinet hardware such as smooth-gliding drawer slides, lid organizers and dish towel racks to tie it all together. 

2. Don’t Forget to Use the Fridge

If you have space above your fridge, as opposed to a built-in with upper cabinets, take advantage of it! This space often goes unnoticed and underutilized. However, you can easily add a basket of dish towels or slide in a tray to keep appliances such as a blender or coffee maker. Take a look around and see what will fit atop your fridge!

Your fridge can also come in handy to free up counter space. Instead of leaving a notepad for grocery lists and jotting down recipes loosely lying around, place it to the front of the fridge. Not only does it save space on your kitchen countertops, but it makes it more noticeable and conveniently in reach as you realize your favorite snacks are missing.  

3. Swap Chunky Chairs for Slim Stools

Save the formal armchairs for the dining room and open up your kitchen’s breakfast nook. Whether classic Parsons or country ladderback styles, high-back chairs can make a kitchen more restricted and cramped, both physically and visually. Instead of letting these chunky chairs take over, swap them out with stools. Stools allow you to see the entire table without being blocked by the rear view of a high back chair. Simply slide them underneath, freeing up floor space. 

4. Add Open Shelves

"8 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen"

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While your cabinets take up most of the wall space, there’s a good chance your kitchen has an open wall where you can hang your own shelf. Anywhere there’s a free space, even if it’s awkward like a dip next to the refrigerator, you can add a shelf, taking advantage of every square inch. Even if the wall space is extremely narrow, you can place a floating bookshelf that allows you to stack cookbooks. 

Also, choose an open shelf that provides an easily accessible space for frequently used items. For instance, you could add a shelf to display coffee mugs and plates or even a tasteful spice rack – whatever makes the most sense for your cooking habits and lifestyle.

5. Install a Magnetic Knife Strip

Another way to take advantage of open wall space, especially near your usual prep station, is a magnetic knife strip. Not only do they look attractive and give off a utilitarian vibe, but there are also practical benefits to them as well. Magnetic knife strips are also considered more hygienic, unlike their knife block counterparts, which can accumulate bacteria inside. A knife strip also reduces rust and corrosion along the blades. Of course, if you have children, be sure to install the strip in a safe space, far from little hands. 

6. Make the Most of Hooks

Even if you lack empty wall space to hang a shelf, there’s always a home for a hook or two. Use decorative hooks to support pots and pans along a wall in an unobtrusive area where you’d otherwise knock into them. You can also simply use a pegboard-like wall mount, which allows you to move around S-hooks that hold anything from cooking utensils to cookware to kitchen towels.

7. Hang a Pot Rack

"8 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen"

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Don’t forget to make use of your ceiling. A hanging pot rack is a great way to keep items off the counter and save room on cabinet space. Perfect for mounting above a kitchen island or butcher block, a pot rack can support all of your cookware, colanders, cutting boards and even a small pot of herbs. Hanging heavy cast iron? Just make sure to mount it to a ceiling joist and give yourself plenty of headroom!   

8. Be an Appliance Minimalist

Instead of allowing excessive appliances to take over counter space, think minimalist. Replace a large auto-drip coffee maker or professional espresso machine with something smaller, like a French press or a stovetop Biati. You could also replace the countertop blender with a hand-held immersion blender that can be wrapped up neatly and placed inside a drawer. Opting for smaller appliances also allows you to store them away in the cabinets when not in use.  

How Will You Save Space in Your Kitchen?

Ready to save space and make a more organized, efficient kitchen? Whether you live in a studio apartment or just need to make room for a large family who enjoys spending time and gathering together in the heart of the home, these tips and tricks should help. From simple solutions like installing hooks and shelves to undertaking your entire cabinetry, there’s something for everybody!


Featured photo source: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com


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