"Big Chef planning corporate party events"By BIG CHEF™

Corporate Events can often be the most challenging events to plan. Even for the most experienced planner or host, the devil is in the details. Small or large, if you are not a professional party planner you will have your hands full. To help you with your next corporate event, here are eight tips BIG CHEF recommends to make things run more smoothly and come off without a hitch!

1. Plan ahead. Renting a SPECIAL venue? You will need to secure it as far in advance as possible. Many premium locations will be booked a year or more in advance. Find your venue early (as soon as the event date has been set), place a deposit to ensure you get the venue that you want.

2. Set Your Budget. While considering all things, the best budgets can stretch a dollar, and still hae extra cash for unexpected expenses. Be sure yours has that extra built into it as some unexpected extra expenses are going to be part of planning an event.

3. Keep extra copies of any agreements, contracts, lists, or seating charts, make in case they are misplaced or lost. Copying them will safeguard you later on should this happen

4. Send out your invitations at least 4 (four) weeks prior to your event. If you know that the date you chose will be in high demand (such as holiday times) send a “Save the Date” card a few months in advance of your party. Include an RSVP (response card or way to acknowledge the invitation). You must know how many people will be attending. Call the ones on your list who did not RSVP, otherwise you may be surprised by “unnexpected” attendees.

5. Seating charts can help with any faux paux in the seating arrangements. And if done correctly, will help to encourage interaction and mingling..

6. Want to have a better turnout? Schedule your event on a weekday instead of weekend, and far enough away from major holidays so people can plan accordingly. Because people tend to plan their vacations around the holidays, and weekends, hosting your event during the week and not too close to holidays will insure a better turnout. And you don’t have to make a choice of “which event to attend because other companies have their event the same night or weeked as yours.” Key people you must have at the event (such as the CEO) should be consulted before committing to a firm date

7. Keep it simple and elegantl while most events these days have some sort of theme, I find that corporate events with a distinct color scheme are perceived as more elegant. That is NOT always the case, as each corporation is different. An art studio for instance might want a theme around a Period in Art or a particular Artist. Where a car dealership or drug manufacturing company might want to stay away from a “themed” event. Consider using the corporate colors or even festive holiday colors for your event.

8. When it comes to business events, consider keeping the music more mellow – something that everyone can enjoy.

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