8 Reasons Why ‘An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away’ Can Still Work For You Today by Maria Schasteen

Two thousand years ago the wisdom, “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away” fit people’s lifestyle just right. The air clean and crisp without the pollution of industrialization; the earth not depleted and chemically denatured; food back then supported healing.In today’s environment, we would have to eat a basket of apples a day to get the nutritional value our ancestors once got from one apple. But who could eat a mountain of apples every day? Wouldn’t it be nice to find a potent vitamin pill that grows on a tree, is easy to eat and tastes good? Luckily, modern science found such a super food! Here are the findings:1. The super food doesn’t look like an apple but rather like berries – Chinese Wolfberries. The longest lived people on earth eat Chinese Wolfberries every day.

2. These berries literally reverse the aging process. The Chinese wolfberry is the ONLY substance in the world “documented” by scientists to reverse the aging process due to its high levels of antioxidants.

3. Eating Wolfberries lets Ningxia people live virtually disease-free well past the age of 100. Antioxidants fight free radicals. Free radicals are a common denominator to all degenerative disease and aging. Dr. Bruce Ames of the University of California at
Berkeley estimates that the DNA in each of our cells is attacked by free radicals over 10,000 times a day. Disease-free “feels” like this 141-year-old Ningxia woman milking the cows at 4 a.m. She only sleeps 4 hours because she feels, she’d “miss out on life”.

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