"8 Ways to Make Time for Your Spouse After Kids"1) Double Date With the Kids

Sometimes parents can be alone while still being with their children. Finding two movies with similar show times allow parents to watch a movie they enjoy, while their kids can watch a movie in an adjoining theater allowing everyone to enjoy a night out together, but still being apart. This option completely depends on the maturity of the children and the safety level of the theater.

2) Invest in Two TVs

Purchasing another TV might not seem like the most romantic way for couples to spend more time together after having children, but it is one of the more practical ways. Watching TV as a family is recommended, but having an alternate TV available when adults want to watch a movie or TV show not suitable for children is also ideal. To keep parental control over the second television, cable does not have to be connected or on newer TVs, parental settings can be activated with a PIN code. Most DVD and BluRay players can also be controlled with a PIN, so there is no worry about kids watching unapproved movies or shows.

3) Go to a Park

The great part about going to a park is that kids can play while adults sit and chat. The fresh air and sunshine is a natural mood booster and the playground equipment is a sure distraction for children of all ages. Couples can turn the outing into a family picnic and save a bottle of wine for dessert to share while the kids are playing.

4) Find Kid Friendly Restaurants

Many fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King are known for being equipped with play areas, but more and more eateries are starting to follow suit. Couples can enjoy a meal together while their kids are at play, making sure to focus on eat other, and not on whether or not the kids finish all their vegetables. Kids can even be fed a ‘pre meal’ at home, in order to spend less at the restaurant and give more time to parents to eat their meal in peace.

5) Book Play Dates

‘Officially’ booking play dates or sleep overs in advance for kids is a great way to ensure parents get time alone. Taking turns with other parents on evening and weekends gives both families the opportunity to spend time alone with their spouses. Not only will children enjoy the time away from their everyday routine (and their parents), but parents enjoy that time too.

6) Send the Kids Camping

Going on a camping trip does not have to be in the wilderness, it can be in the comfort and safety of the family’s own back yard. Kids love sleeping in tents and spouses can enjoy a nice quite night indoors while the children are ‘roughing it’ outside.

7) Eat a Late Dinner or an Early Breakfast

A quiet dinner for two or breakfast in bed may not be out of the question for couples with kids. Having a late dinner after the munchkins have gone to sleep, or sharing a special dessert made for two, gives parents a few minutes of quality time together and allows them to enjoy a meal alone, even if it is not at one of the finest restaurants. The same thing could be said about breakfast, setting the alarm and getting up for an early cup of coffee together gives parents time to talk before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. However, getting up early could also warrant an afternoon nap together on the weekends, allowing spouses to make even more time for each other.

8) Find Locations with Parent and Child Security Bracelets

Many places now have security measures put into place so that children can only leave with the adults that came with them or dropped them off. Most malls offer play areas where parents can drop off their children (for a small fee, of course) and pick them up later on by showing that all family members have matching bracelets. These places let spouses shop, eat or simply walk around alone while the kids have fun and with no worry involved.