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8 Decorating Mistakes That Could Be Preventing Love From Blossoming In Your Home

Whether in the early stages of a relationship or looking for new love, there are a lot of things that people do that might derail cupid from doing his job properly.

One of those things is creating a negative design at home. Decor and style are important for first, second and even fifth impressions, so creating a home that is ‘cupid-friendly’ is a must. If your love interest feels uncomfortable in your home, it’s a sign to them that you might not be the right fit.

Here are eight decorating and design mistakes that you want to avoid if you want to be open to new love and romance:

Excise the EX

If your home is filled with reminders of your ex, someone new in your life is never going to feel comfortable in the space. The shadow, or rather the spectre, of that person will forever hang over the two of you. Like what? Pictures of you and your ex all over the walls; prominently displayed photo albums; monogrammed towels, sheets or pillows. A new person in your life isn’t so naive as to think they’re the first, but it’s nice for them to feel like they aren’t walking or sitting in someone else’s space. If you MUST keep some mementos, be discreet and put them out of sight.

Singleton space in the bedroom

While many single people embrace the notion of a luxurious bedroom, including a queen or king size bed, many haven’t quite gotten there yet. They’ve kept their single or double bed from years gone by, or worse, the futon from their school days. They push the bed up against one wall or into a corner so that there is room for only one bedside table and reading lamp. They create a space that is so uninviting to a second person that romance has little chance to flicker to life, never mind blossom.

Spiderman wallpaper or teddy bears galore? NO!

A woman who enters a man’s bedroom, only to find that it is still decorated for an eight year old, complete with superhero wallpaper and matching lamp, will likely walk back out double quick. Vintage those things may be. Sexy they are not. Or picture a man who enters a woman’s bedroom only to find the bed two feet thick with teddy bears and other stuffed animals: he’s got to wonder if there is any space for him! Bedrooms should absolutely reflect your personal style but when you’re decorating it, look at it from the point of view of a complete stranger. You don’t want it looking like an austere, impersonal hotel room, but a circus tent is no better!

Seating for two, not one or three

If you really want to make someone who is new in your life feel comfortable, everything about your home should scream ‘couple’. Seating for two, reading lamps for two and so on. If you’ve only got one comfortable chair in your living room, this sends the message that you’re not ready to share your space with someone, even on an occasional basis. Similarly, if you’re set up for three or more, it can give the impression that you aren’t interested in intimacy and would rather be surrounded by a crowd. It’s fine to have extra seating if your home is big enough, but create intimate corners for quiet conversations too.

Too much visual

Photographs of your friends and family, paintings by your favorite avant-garde artist, Kabuki masks from your last trip to Japan: whatever your passion is, you should definitely have some of it on display. After all, it reflects who you are and what you’re interested in. However, having SOME on display does not mean that it has to be overwhelming and overdone. Leave some blank spaces, some open places, that send the message that you’re open to new people and new experiences.

Does it look like you’re moving?

Do you avoid hanging pictures on the walls or buying new furniture because the sofa from your frat house days is ‘just fine’? Do you still have boxes in the living room that you’ve never unpacked and shelves made from milk crates? All of these ‘signs’ tell a person who is visiting your home that you aren’t settled and aren’t ready to settle anytime soon. Granted, decor and style aren’t everyone’s priority, but with just a little effort, a house can become a welcoming home. Proper window treatments, a throw rug or two, a sofa that doesn’t look like it’s survived frat house Armageddon…

Tech in the bedroom

A bedroom should be a restful, tranquil space. Except when it’s not (hint! hint!) Whatever the bedroom is being used for, it should NOT be a place of work, or a place for catching up on late night television. Phones, computers… they should all be somewhere else. Life is already crazy enough: the bedroom should be an oasis to escape all of that.

Gender dominated decor

Pink walls, pink bed linens, pink carpeting and window treatments. This might be a description of heaven itself for some people; for others, it could be a stomach-churning nightmare. Your guest may feel uncomfortable if there is too much masculinity or femininity in the room’s decor, so a little bit of balance is in order. Not so much that it has no personality and does not reflect your tastes, but enough so that a guest will feel as though you knew they would one day be there and you care enough to make sure they’re happy.

With all of these tips in mind, it’s time to take a look around your living space and see where you can open a window to a little romance. You never know when cupid will fly in.

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