After a long and chilly winter that lingered longer than many would prefer, summer is finally in full effect.  Amid this seasonal shift it’s time to stock up on some gear that’ll let you get the most out of the season and even overcome some ubiquitous aggravations.  I’ve found a number of beauty, fashion, money management, healthy foodie and other lifestyle products that will help you in this regard, furthering your ability to just relax and enjoy throughout your summer journey.

Copyright Tassi

Copyright Tassi

Tassi Hair Band ( ) – $ 9.99
Maintaining your skincare regime during the hot and sticky summer season is super important. But many women face a common problem as they wash their faces, care for their skin and apply or remove their makeup—that is how to keep their hair out of the way. The Tassi hair band is a nice solution to this pervasive problem. This patented product makes it easy for you to keep your hair away from your face. Made of a comfortable stretch terry cloth, it goes on in three easy steps to gently lift and hold your hair out of the way. Easy-to-use for any hair length or style, Tassi does not flatten, twist or mess up your hair and is great for protecting blowouts. Use it while washing your face, taking a bath, applying or removing makeup or whenever you need your hair out of the way. To clean, just toss in the washing machine and dryer and it’ll be ready to wear again and again.

Bel Essence Natural Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment ( ) – $31.00
Speaking of summer skin care, we’ve all been taught how important good nutrition is for the body, but our skin benefits from good nutrition as well. Enter Bel Essence–a natural skin care collection but with a difference. Other skin care companies extract elements and chemicals from nature and recombine them to create their formulas.  Bel Essence only combines natural and organic oils, just as nature herself manufactures them, which provides the richest sources of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids—all essential components to heal and regenerate, to build healthy epidermis cells and achieve youthful-looking skin. Giving our skin these important elements topically, without added chemicals and colorings, allows it to naturally recover from environmental damage and the effects of aging and maintain its maximum health at any age. The natural oils contain vital nutrients to help your skin repair, rejuvenate and retain its youth and glow.

Wallet and Clip System ( ) – $39.99
Let’s face it: the summer months can be expensive. From keeping up with seasonal styles to entertaining friends and family with greater frequency to vacation travels, the seasonal expenses can really stack up. So the Wallet and Clip system is an effective and decidedly stylish way to take control of your money and keep your accessory game on point. Inspired by financial expert Rachel Cruze, it’s a fresh update on the popular cash envelope system. Sophisticated and practical and with a high-quality look and feel, this fashionable wallet will help you set boundaries for your money and help you spend smartly. It includes five colored clips to help you control your expenditures, five separate compartments to hold your cash and clip system. There’s plenty of room for your license, debit card and gift cards. Stylish and practical, this is a great wallet for your busy life. This attractive leather accessory is available in either tan or black so it’s sure to match pretty much everything.

Cleancult Non Toxic Laundry Pods ( ) – $12.95
This season you can keep those sweaty shirts, summer frocks and beach towels clean and fresh, but in a way that’s eco-conscious to boot. Cleancult Non Toxic Laundry Pods are a “green” laundry detergent that actually works. Free of harmful chemicals found in traditional laundry detergents, these are great for those with sensitive skin and are a convenient and easy-to-use choice for busy families. Every pouch has 18 powerful laundry pods that you can throw straight in the wash. You don’t have to worry about overdosing or any spillage.  Order online and have Cleancult delivered right to your door. The company is doing its part to make green brands sexy, effective and convenient! These pods are a perfect way to wash clothes, sheets and towels in a way that you can feel clean without chemicals.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum with DuoClean Technology ( ) – $299.00
Entertaining is a priority for many during the summer season, and cleaning up before and after an event is a less fun, but certainly critical consideration. Luckily, vacuuming has come a long way, baby! This is exemplified with the Shark DuoClean Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed vacuum—a groundbreaking upright that addresses consumers’ deep-cleaning desires. The vacuum achieves this by innovatively removing the front wall of the cleaner head that traditionally limits many upright vacuums and can cause “snow plowing” on large debris and piles. In its place, DuoClean Technology adds a second rotating soft brush roll that sits in front of the deep-cleaning bristle brush roll. This industry-defining design results in incredible cleaning performance on all floor types. Powered “Lift-Away” technology maintains power in both motorized brush rolls, making it easy to bring a deep clean to carpets, hard floors, under furniture (where most traditional uprights can’t go), and beyond. This vacuum combines all of Shark’s best technologies, making it their most advanced upright vacuum ever and taking floor cleaning to a notable new level.

GeeFree Gluten-Fee Foods ( ) – Starting at $5.99
For many of us, eating a gluten-free diet is a necessity while, for an ever-increasing number of people, living gluten-free is a decision that just makes them feel their best. No matter your motivation, GeeFree–the only gluten-free puff pastry dough in the U.S.–makes it easy to enjoy favorite foods, and those beloved family recipes that once seemed lost forever due to health concerns can now be recreated. For one, those who love to cook or entertain in a way that’s sensitive to the dietary needs of guests can make whatever recipe they desire with the company’s gluten-free puff pastry sheets. Make delicious things like pies, empanadas, potato puffs, brie and raspberry rolls. If you are entertaining gluten-free guests or are craving a nosh for yourself and are not up to baking, just pop a ready-made GeeFree appetizer into the oven. Tasty options include Spanakopita, Franks in a Blanket and Cheeseburger Bites. You can heat up the chicken pot pie to enjoy as a main dish. GeeFree is sold in the frozen food section of health food stores and supermarkets and can also be found online. GeeFree ensures none of the gluten and all of the flavor to make your summer snacking and soirées a success.

Paulk’s Pride Healthy Muscadine Juice, Jelly & Supplements ( ) – Starting at $3.99
Here’s a way to enhance your summer health through gourmet-minded items from Paulk’s Pride—a brand offering juices, jellies and even dietary supplements made from Muscadines—a fruit that’s freshly harvested at Paulk’s Vineyards in Wray, Georgia. Many regard Muscadines as the “Superfruit of the South,” distinguished by their thick skin, sweet taste and numerous health benefits. These include reduced joint and muscle pain, slowed aging process, maintenance of healthy digestion, blood pressure regulation, and enhanced nerve and muscular function. Muscadine is made up of a powerful cast of phytochemicals and contains more antioxidants, polyphenols and ellagic acid than most other fruits. With a rich farming heritage mixed with modern industry and technology, Paulk’s Pride brings these healthy, natural and simple products to market in tasty form.

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