Leading online banking app, Monifi , conducted a survey surrounding savings for the holidays and out of 7 major holidays, Valentine’s Day is the least saved for holiday. Stats show 53% of people do not plan on saving for Valentine’s Day – so how can your audience avoid overspending?
Saving a little extra for Valentine’s Day is easy with Monifi. This fee-free banking and savings app, prioritizes goal based budgeting and saving so users reach every small or large goal.
Monifi has a list of tips to celebrate V-Day without breaking the bank:
>> Go to a free or low cost event or concert. Check out your local calendar listings or pages to see what is happening. Oftentimes, you can find inexpensive comedy nights, concerts, festivals and local events.
>> Create a coupon book. Make a book filled with coupons that your partner can cash in on. Coupons could include a massage, hug, kiss, homemade dinners, movie nights, cleaning, etc.
>> Cocktails and dinner at home. Going out on Valentine’s Day can be pricey with fixed menus and upcharged meals and drinks. Create your own at home restaurant, complete with fun cocktails. This is the perfect way to try a new dish or amp up your inner mixologist.
>> Celebrate the day after. If you have your heart set on going out, celebrate the day after. You won’t have to worry about inflated restaurant pricing and can get marked down gifts/candy.
>> Do a task your partner may not want to do for them. Whether this be cleaning out their car, organizing their junk drawer, and anything else. This will alleviate stress they may have had or take a load off their plate.
>> Reminisce on past memories. Create a slideshow, shadowbox, or scrapbook of pictures, receipts from dates, and keepsakes to reminisce on your relationship with. This is the perfect way to honor your memories and potentially create decor for your home too!
>> Write a heartfelt note. Stats show 61% of Americans revealed they’d keep a greeting card for over six months after receiving it. You can never go wrong with a card, people want to feel appreciated and loved so taking time to write a sweet note shows you care.
Monifi would be happy to share some more of their cost effective tips for Valentine’s Day with your viewers or send more information. Also happy to connect you with Monifi’s spokesperson and Financial Educator Leigh Singleton as well. We look forward to hearing from you!