When you were in college, you probably enjoyed girls’ days out every other day with your BFFs. However, as you grow up, these outings become less frequent. The more occupied you get with your relationship, career and family, the faster you lose track of your friends. It is then that you realize you took the good ol’ fun days for granted.

If you miss those days, it is time to break the mundane rut of life and plan a get-together with the most important women in your life. Make it a habit to catch up with your girls and spend quality time with them occasionally.

Here are a few ideas to organize the perfect girls’ day out:

1) Mark the Date

This may sound obvious, but this is the toughest part of planning the outing. Firstly, you have to get everyone to agree on one date and place. Secondly, you have to make sure they don’t cancel last minute. Further, you have to keep everyone updated about any changes in the plan.

For the meet to be a success, plan way in advance. Find a date that works for everyone and ask them to mark it as non-negotiable. Nothing should deter you from making the plan work except emergencies.

2) No Outsiders Allowed

Don’t invite people from outside the group to join you. This means no boyfriends, colleagues, crushes, or anyone else the other girls do not know. Not everyone will be comfortable with the new invitees.

Chances are, there may be requests from other members in your girl gang to invite outsiders in future and you might not be able to say no to them. However, this day is about you and your girlfriends. Be stringent on not allowing anyone else.

3) Let Everyone Have a Say

A girls’ day out may mean different things to different people. Just because you want to spend the day relaxing at the pool doesn’t mean that everyone else wants to do that too. Check with every member of your girl gang and take their inputs on what they want to do. Whether you plan a spa session, a shopping spree or a movie together, the objective is that the day should be rewarding and joyful for everyone.

4) Go out and Enjoy

Don’t let the comfy couch in your home lure you into staying indoors. It is okay to hang out at a friend’s place once in a while, but this shouldn’t happen every time you spend a day out. No doubt, this is fun (and affordable) but getting dressed, stepping out, and enjoying a fun activity is no less entertaining.

Here’s what you and your friends will love doing together:

• If the weather is pleasant, consider going to a park or picnic spot and lounge in the outdoors. Pack picnic-worthy homemade food and enjoy a healthy meal together.
• Get a big tub of popcorn and watch a new movie on the big screen with your girlfriends.
• Hop around town and explore new places to eat and drink.
• Go on a shopping spree with your best buddies.
• Use this time for pampering yourself and your friends. Book a spa session or get those much-needed mani-pedis together.
• Get in your car, put the music on, and go for a long drive. Who says long drives are only for the romantics?
• A trip to the amusement park is perfect for an adventure-loving gang. Spend the whole day taking rides and having unlimited fun.
• If all of you want to see a particular music band perform live, this can be the perfect get-together for you. Find out when your favorite band is scheduled to be in your town and get your tickets in time.
• If your girls are sports fanatics, catch a live game. It is so much more fun than watching it on television.

5) Dress for the Day

What you wear should depend on what you plan to do throughout the day. For example, a pair of denim and a shirt are great for a casual brunch. Track pants and tank tops work best for activities that demand physical work like working out together, going for a hike, or to a yoga retreat.

If you plan to go for a drive, watch a game, or enjoy a picnic, pair your denim shorts with a button-up shirt for a cool and casual look. You may opt for dresses when going out for drinks, music concerts, or to the movies. Polka dots and floral prints are perfect when it comes to adding the fun factor to an outfit. Regardless of what you wear, make sure that it looks both, relaxed and put-together.

Choose footwear that can be worn comfortably throughout the day. Certain activities require a lot of walking and your favorite high heels may not be the right choice. We recommend ditching the heels for flats or a pair of comfortable midi pumps.

Mind your accessories too. Carry a strong bag that can accommodate everything you will need for the day. A shoulder bag does a better job than a handheld bag, especially when you are planning to spend most of the day out on the streets. For jewelry, sport chunky pieces like standout hoop earrings, crystal bib necklaces and statement bracelets. A fun thing you and your friends can do is to match at least one of your accessories like your bag, footwear or earrings. Alternatively, all of you can decide on a jewelry theme, like diamond bracelets, and choose the same unique design from among a plethora of stunning bracelets and give major squad goals!

6) Enjoy the Moment

Though concerts and spas are always fun, don’t forget to include some relaxed face-to-face “we” time. Use this time to emotionally connect with each other and build strong bonds. Definitely, the best pictures from the day will be from the fun activities that you will do together, but the best moments of the day will come from the chat sessions and the catching-up with each other’s lives.

7) Don’t Forget to Take Pictures Together

Finally, take lots of pictures together. The pictures will help you relive the moments until you meet next. Ask everyone to add pictures to a shared photo album at the end of the day, and no Instagramming before that. This way you and your friends can avoid being on the phone the whole time and enjoy the moments spent together to the fullest.


When planning a day out with your friends, think beyond a casual brunch and you will realize you have countless options to make it a day well spent. In the end, it is about spending quality time together. When you are with the best people in your life, a boring day can surely turn into a fun day.

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Swara Segal is a freelance writer and blogger by profession. She ardently follows the fashion industry and enjoys doling out tips on the latest trends. She loves discovering exclusive collections of bracelets , earrings, rings, necklace, etc. and has an excellent understanding of the various fashion jewelry designs and patterns. In her free time, she enjoys photographing nature with her cam.