"7 Heart Health Threatening Lifestyle Habits"Precise Lifestyle choices play a major role in living a hale and hearty life. Heart related ailments are on rise these days and are becoming the biggest cause of death around the globe. Heart is not just a pumping machine, it’s the most crucial part of a human’s body that is significantly responsible for overall health. A healthy heart levels a healthy life. You lifestyle choices will make your heart healthier . Apart from knowing what you can and should do for your healthy heart, it’s also vitally important to know what you shouldn’t do to lower the risks of heart ailments and strokes. Below are some of the

Avoiding Regular Exercising
Sedentary lifestyle and paying no attention to regular exercise is the main heart health threatening tasks that weaken your heart. Avoiding exercising leaves you dull and unfit that directly affects your heart functions. Studies show that people who are not physically at least 5 to 7 hours in a week have a 40% higher risk of serious diseases and early death.

Skipping Breakfasts:
Skipping breakfast habit is surprisingly linked with poor heart conditions. Keeping your body in a state of fasting by omitting the first meal of the day may upset the metabolism. A disturbed metabolism is one of the life threatening conditions for your overall health. It may disturb the insulin resistance in the body which may lead blood pressure problems and heart ailments.

Avoiding Depression Management
Stress and tension can take a toll on your heart fitness. Feeling sadness or depressed is OK when things don’t go in your favor. The harm is to be depressed for prolonged periods. Avoiding the signs of depression can affect your heart health. Management of depression and talking about your problems with someone understanding is necessary to live life fully. Pessimistic attitude leads the heart diseases.

Smoking Consistently
Smoking is one of the habits that simply do NO good for you. The effects of consistent smoking are life threatening. Heart ailments, certain types of Cancers and respiratory tract infections are fast growing risks of smoking. It’s hard for people to say NO to cigarettes. Constant exposure to second hand smoke also harms your heart.

Avoiding Eating Veggies & Fruits
Vegetables and fruits are the main parts of a balanced diet. The hectic lifestyle and easy availability of cooked, frozen and fast foods make it hard to get plant food in adequate amount. It has been proved by researches that people taking lesser amount of veggies and fruits are at higher risk of a stroke than those who take a perfect balanced diet with all essential nutrients.

Avoiding Oral Health
Avoid Flossing is one of the heart threatening habits that not only affects your teeth’s shine but your heart. Studies prove that dental health and avoiding regular flossing exclusively harm your cardiovascular health. Gum diseases and heart diseases are strongly correlated. Coronary artery passages are narrowed by the bacteria that enter through mouth’s blood vessels. It decreases the blood flow and hurts heart.

Disturbed Sleeping Patterns
Not having adequate sleep every day may affect your heart functions. Both are the signs of disturbed sleep patterns whether you’re getting lesser sleep than 5 hours or getting more than 9 hours. Poor sleeping habits directly lift up the blood pressure and levels of stress hormones.
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