Sticking to an exercise routine is not an easy task for everyone. It may be more difficult for stay-at-home moms as they need to juggle the household chores along with raising kids. In the midst of all the activities, allocating an hour’s time or more for workouts isn’t possible on all days.

Many mothers assume professional roles that aren’t location bound. Following a fitness regimen regularly can be even more challenging for these women. Exercising at home can be a great way for them to stay fit and active.

Fitness may take a backseat for mothers, especially when they are busy with their children. If you have a kid at home, it’s highly likely that you find it difficult to find time to exercise. The first thing you should do to be fit is motivate yourself. Along with your family, you need to take care of your health and fitness as well.

If you’ve been struggling to devise an at-home workout regimen for yourself, then the following tips are just what you need:

1. Plan Your Fitness Schedule

Once you’ve decided on working out regularly, identify the physical activity that you enjoy the most. Exercising isn’t limited to working out in fitness centers and gyms. You can plan your fitness schedule. In fact, planning a workout schedule that can be followed at home will be more convenient for stay-at-home moms. This can be done by blocking an hour for fitness in your daily calendar.

It’s one thing to find motivation to work out, and another to identify the kind of workout you like. Once you’ve decided on the workout hour, decide the exercises you want to perform. You can start with few warm-up moves, followed by cardio exercise and some high-intensity drills. End your workout with a few stretches as this will help the muscles to relax after the high-intensity round.

2. Keep It Interesting

Variety is the spice of life. This holds true for fitness regimens as well. If you exercise regularly, you may lose interest after some time and may feel less motivated to exercise. To avoid such a situation, alter your routine frequently. This will help you stick to exercising and you will continue to get positive results.

Another good thing about changing your workouts is that it keeps your brain active, because of different exercises . This can keep boredom at bay and increase your motivation.

If you usually lift with barbells or dumbbells, then try machines. If you’re accustomed to both, try elastic bands or cables. If you’re at more advanced stage, you may want to consider using other creative forms of resistance such as kettlebells, sandbags, water jugs, chains, or heavy elastic bands.

3. Try Weight Training at Home

Lapses in regular workouts may have led to the addition of a few extra pounds to your body. In order to achieve the look of a toned body you need to include strength training as well as shed the layer of fat covering your muscles. Investing in weights and incorporating weight training can be a good idea.

You need to bear in mind that hand weights, also called dumbbells or free weights, shouldn’t be too heavy as they may damage your ligaments. . Exercises using hand weights are good for the arms and the shoulder region as they increase endurance and build muscle mass.

Make sure you check a few price-comparison websites such as Idealo before buying any fitness equipment that is reliable and fits your budget.

4. Take it Outside

Stay-at-home moms often complain about spending too many hours inside the house. Outdoor workouts can be a great way to enjoy the fresh air. You can even take your children outside during pleasant weather.

Outdoor activities can include walking down the street, jogging in nearby parks, or playing hopscotch with your children. These activities can help when you wish to take a break from regular exercising. In fact, you’re more likely to be physically active outside than inside your home.

5. Exercise with Your Kids

If your children are old enough, you can let them ride their bicycles, while you go for a run. In this way, you can blend your workout with your kids’ activities. Many parents like to go hiking with their kids as it makes for a fun family activity and keeps everyone in good shape. You may even install a fitness course in your house, which can include a jumping jack and a pushup station.

You can exercise with your child even when he/she is a baby. Several comfortable baby carriers are available in the market, including slings, front carriers, and backpacks. Carrying your baby may help you burn calories faster, when walking in turn helping you shed some extra pounds.

6. Keep Workout Circuits Short

Most people who work out at home, make use of workout videos that are available on the Internet. Being a stay-at-home mom, you may not have the time to watch hour-long exercise videos. You can go for shorter ones that go on for 30 minutes or less. Include a couple of those videos into your day and you will likely to see positive results.

7. Control Your Diet

Most fitness schedules work on the principle that your body will burn calories that are available. So, you need to eat mindfully to make sure that you use the accumulated calories. So, if you have a schedule wherein you eat breakfast before the morning exercise routine, try eating breakfast after and work out on an empty stomach. This will train your body to rely on the stored energy during training.


Mothers are often overwhelmed by the various activities they need to take up when raising their children. Being a stay-at-home mom can be challenging as you need to look after the daily household tasks as well. However, you cannot neglect your fitness. Incorporating fitness into your everyday schedule with the help of the above tips can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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