Millions of parents are gearing up to send their children back to school, which means they are doing tons of shopping for BTS supplies.


All of this shopping may have you reminiscing the days when a new Trapper Keeper was all you wanted in life.


The Smart Shopper Editors at Ebates have put together a list of 6 throwback school supplies that will be sure to give you all the feels.

  • Stuffed Animal Backpacks – Paw Patrol available on  Holler

o   There is nothing practical about these backpacks, yet so many of us had one (or two)

  • “Star Wars” Tin Lunch Box

o   Tin lunch boxes for the win! There are so many more high-tech lunch boxes out there, but the tin ones are classics — and you can never go wrong with “Star Wars.”

  • Pop-Up Pencil Case

o   So many buttons. So many features. We loved how we could spend hours organizing and reorganizing our pencil case

  • Gelly Roll Pens

o   These pens not only come in fun colors, but they are also really comfortable to use. That’s why kids never stopped loving them.

  • Lisa Frank Stickers and Trapper Keepers

o   Hugging penguins, jumping dolphins, dancing tropical fruit and, of course, so many unicorns in bright, neon colors. Introduce your child to the crazy world of Lisa Frank and have her decorate her own Trapper Keeper (also a classic) however she likes

  • Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

o   Vibrant colors, fun to use and all the smells. Remember how you would color with scented markers and then run to your parents or teacher and say, “Smell it! Smell it!” Available at Target.

Source: The Smart Shopper Editors at Ebates