By Deepika Bajaj

"confident women"For women leaders, the strive to keep up with current trends and helpful resources is a continuous journey. Learning and growing by the example of professional women in different industries provides new ways to hone leadership skills. Six traits (also known as the 6C Framework) such as creation, confidence, candid, competitive, coherent and compassion help women become top leaders.

The 6C Framework that sum up key characteristics of top women leaders:

Creation: Creation is a function of (stories of pain of your customers) and (how you will create a solution). We all love stories but we need to be competent to observe the stories around us and invent new solutions. Leaders are passionate about the process of creation.

Confidence: Display confidence in your capacity, conduct and capability. Don’t give in to the fear of failure. Know the path of leadership has its challenges. Walk confidently even in the way of uncertainty.

Candid: Showing true commitment to the task and get done what needs to be done. Don’t be troubled by opposition and take feedback gracefully. At the same time, articulate thoughts and make a good case for new ideas.

Competitive: Don’t wait for any concession because of your gender. Being on time, working hard and yes, even making sacrifices are part of being a leader, but be aware of your mood. Understand the end result of what you want and know it takes hard work to get it.

Coherent: Believe that a life one creates is a set of choices one makes. Be clear on the goal and act to take care of the results.

Compassion: Follow the Golden Rule of Compassion: “Do to others what you would have them do to you”.

These traits are present in all of us but in some traits are more dominant than others. So, the good news is that even if you believe there is an opportunity for you to grow into any one of the characteristics – there is no need to worry – these can be developed by training and possible to get a score card about your progress.

Deepika Bajaj is the founder and president of Invincibelle, a company empowering diverse women to thrive in a multicultural world.

She is the author of the book “DiversityTweet: Embracing Diversity in the world.” This new ebook “PINK and Grow RICH” speaks of 11 UNREASONABLE RULES for success for women leaders who live and work in a multicultural world. She speaks and consults on diversity, blogs at and writes a column on social media for ActiveGarage. She is the winner of 2010 IWE Entrepreneurship Achievement Award. You can follow her on