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6 Apps Every Modern-Day Mom Must Have on Her Smartphone

Moms are always hard-pressed for time, especially today’s modern-day mothers, who juggle between professional and personal roles. They do a hundred things at a time and still manage to pull them off perfectly. But that doesn’t mean a little help won’t be appreciated, right?

So, here are six great apps that can help all you moms out there in saving your time and energy by keeping you more organized. Read on.

  1. CoziFamilyOrganiser

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Price – Free

This surprisingly simple family organizer app will become your most trusted companion in no time. Making your everyday life simpler, CoziFamilyOrganiser allows you to schedule the family program timetable, and make a list of their activities in one place.

You can store recipes, add products to the grocery list, and manage your chores more efficiently with this app. It also allows you to create your family journal and offers relevant information about new list items, upcoming events, and more.

  1. Grocerygadget

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Price – Free

Shopping on different stores by matching discount coupons is easy with Grocerygadget. It allows you to compare products across different stores, thus enabling you to save money on groceries. These little savings help in managing finances efficiently.

The app also allows you to sync your grocery list with your hubby’s so that you don’t end up buying the same thing. The app offers e-coupons relevant for your shopping lists and you can add them to your club with a single click.

  1. DragonMobileAssistant


Compatibility – Android and iOS

Price – Free

The DragonMobileAssistant is no less than your personal assistant, who is always a step ahead to make sure you’re comfortable. Whether you’re driving, working in the kitchen, or multitasking with kids, typing text messages, emails, and setting up reminders are the tasks you can leave on DragonMobileAssistant.

It uses voice recognition technology and automatically converts it to text and sends it. This addictive app offers mobile notifications, email dictations, location sharing, messaging, and helps you with maps and directions when on the go.

  1. Mint

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Price – Free

An exceptional app to manage your finances, Mint allows you to create a family budget you can actually stick to.  It also helps you track your spending and analyze the pattern. Mint offers personalized tips and advice to help you manage your money better.

Don’t worry about the sensitive financial data you’ve entered as it encrypts the data with 256-bit encryption and the data swapped with Mint gets encrypted with 128-bit SSL. The app automatically categorizes and updates your information, and sends you recommendations based on your lifestyle and saving plans.

  1. Practo

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Price – Free

There’s no bigger nightmare for a mother than having a sick child at home. A must-have app for moms, Practo takes care of all medical requirements of your family. From finding clinics, diagnostic centers, and the best of doctors in your preferred area, to asking free health questions, ordering medicines, and reading insightful health content, the app does it all.

It helps you with allopathic, homeopathic, and alternative medicine practitioners as well. Whether you’re in office or at home, book your appointment within seconds at your doctor’s clinic and stay relaxed. The app also seamlessly helps you find the nearest spa, salon, and gym too.

  1. MakeupAlley

Compatibility – Android and iOS

Price – Free

Irrespective of how busy you are, it’s important to look presentable. Whether at office or home, being well-turned-out not only adds glamour to the personality, but also keeps you upbeat and enhances your confidence.

But what should you buy from the enormous range of products available?

Simply download MakeupAlley and decide your beauty purchases based on real user reviews. The app allows you to sort products as per age, skin type and tone. You can customize your experience using easy filters as well. With over 2.6 million beauty and skincare products listed on the app, you get to enjoy the best product reviews with MakeupAlley.


There’s nothing for which an app isn’t available. Technology has brought almost every kind of help at your fingertips. With a plethora of amazing apps, it’s hard to say which one works best for your busy lifestyle. But, the apps listed here help you deal with some of the most pressing issues of your routine as a mother. These apps lend you a helping hand in keeping your world at peace.

Wait no more! Put your smartphone to good use and download these apps today.

Korie Cantor is a writer and blogger – connect with her on Twitter @koriecantor

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