In business, power is everything. But business is all too ensnared with masculinity. Whether it’s the brass balls of Glengarry Glen Ross, or the business card battles of American Psycho, the two are seen as one and the same. But frankly, that’s wrong. Feminism in business is empowering, and women should embrace it!

Genderbuzz is a platform created by women, built by women, and led by women. The number one feminist directory, Genderbuzz moves the spotlight on gender in working towards a female-led and female-positive business world. Founded by Natasha Stromberg, today she’s bringing us the five ways women can be more powerful in their businesses:

  1. Speak up and speak out – it can be anywhere – on social media, in daily conversation, or whatever it is, find relief in letting your messages be bold and unique. Although it may be challenging at first, being brave and speaking who you are to the world is invigorating will become natural.
  2. Know your purpose and stick to it – don’t deviate from your purpose as that’s the reason you’re doing your business! Reminding yourself why you started your business and ensuring it’s your core purpose will keep you powerful and directed.
  3. Approach people you admire in business – connections are the lifeblood of all businesses. Mix with other successful people who share similar goals and build strong, long-lasting connections. Don’t be afraid to say hi – doing so helps to humanise your ideas and make them seem more real once you share your thoughts.
  4. Listen to your intuition and inner voice and act upon it – when we rely on our intuition, we begin to trust ourselves more and value our approaches and decisions. These are all traits that make for a good businesswoman and leader.


  5. Surround yourself with successful people – yes, it’s a cliché but success really does breed success. When you surround yourself with successful people their energy rubs off on you, inspiring you to achieve more and push harder in your mission.


In 2014, Natasha Stromberg created a simple slideshow about global Female empowerment on her Apple MacBook. Driven by her vision for a business world that places women at its core, Natasha founded Genderbuzz as a platform to help achieve this. A digital directory, Genderbuzz acts as a buying and selling marketplace for women to advertise their businesses.

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