All women want to have radiant and healthy skin. Now, when summer is coming, the desire to have beautiful and moisturized skin is even stronger.

You know what can happen if you have exposed your skin under the sun for a long time? Premature aging, dryness, burns and deep-tissue damage that can cause diseases as serious as cancer.

However, there are many ways to have healthy skin even in very sunny seasons. With the next 5 tips, you will be able to enjoy a great summer without worrying about the damages that your skin might suffer.

  1. Sleep more

If you want to start taking good care of yourself, you must start with the basics. How much you sleep is of great importance for all human beings, since, in this way, you will avoid signs of tiredness on your face and dryness of your skin. In addition to that, sleeping enough and during the hours you’re accustomed to helps you avoid the increase in fat, because lack of sleep changes your metabolism, and your body’s cortisol is increased by the stress of not having slept.

Always remember that, before sleeping, you must remove all of your make-up in order to avoid premature aging, and your face will thus not look stressed, and you will be able to sleep like a baby all night.

  1. Apply facial masks

Easy and practical, natural face masks that can be applied at home save many women by giving them a healthy and smooth skin in a matter of minutes. There are masks for those who have oily skin and dry skin, and masks that treat either kind of skin, like the masks made out of strawberries (+ olive oil and sugar), which serve to exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

Another very recommended way to take care of your skin is to periodically make moisturizing masks. That is also highly recommended if you have oily skin. Undergo professional exfoliations to remove impurities and show off a clean and smooth skin in the summer.

  1. Undergo deep facial cleansing

Deep facial cleansing is performed in specialized centers. This method, as its name suggests, is a cleansing that purifies and revitalizes the skin. This type of treatment manages to delay the appearance of wrinkles on the face, and also lighten, tone and smooth your skin, eliminate blackheads, close your pores, revitalize your face, decrease the appearance of tiredness of your skin, and reduce acne.

  1. Undergo express facial cleansing

The difference between this treatment and the previous one is that it is more used to hydrate and give that shine that all healthy skin must have. This treatment will help improve the appearance of your facial skin, remove dead cells, promote the generation of new cells, heighten the pH balance of your skin and help you keep it healthy and radiant.

  1. Get a double chin reducer

A lot of people try to look sensational during the summer, and here is a procedure that should not be ignored, if you have an undesirable double chin.

Chin reducer, in addition to reducing the localized fat on your neck, helps make your skin firm and eliminates toxins through the lymphatic drainage offered by the treatment. Not only will you relax through the massages, but you will also improve your health and your skin.

These 5 tips will help make the skin on your face look smoother and more beautiful. Each treatment will also require proper daily nutrition and hydration, as those will help any treatment work much faster. Feel refreshed and ready for the summer with the best care for your skin!