Sleep and rest are as important to our minds and bodies as eating and drinking. A lack of sleep can make life impossible and make people irritable. Here is our quick guide to five steps to improving your sleep. Anyone can follow these simple steps towards a full night of deep sleep.

Stick to a Schedule – Manage Your Sleep Properly

It may sound funny, but giving yourself a bedtime and being strict with yourself about sticking to it is one of the best things you can do to improve your sleeping and the quality of your sleep.

Giving your body a schedule that it can anticipate is a great way to get to sleep quicker when you get into bed and achieve a better quality of sleep for longer. If you have children, you will hopefully have seen firsthand how effective having a sleep schedule can be. Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it and you will experience the results for yourself.

Cut Down on Caffeine and Stimulants Before Bedtime

Caffeine and sugar, as well as other stimulants like alcohol, are often a part of a person’s evening, and these will then keep them awake when they try to sleep at night.

A cup of coffee in the morning is no problem for your sleep, but if you carry on drinking throughout the day, you can make it nearly impossible for your body and mind to rest. Try not to consume caffeine after two o’clock in the afternoon if you want to get to sleep before midnight. A late coffee can make it very hard for your body to get good quality sleep.

Have a Routine – Tell Your Body it is Bedtime

Not only is it important to have a bedtime, but you also need to have a bedtime routine. This helps you get physically and mentally prepared for rest, and can massively improve the quality of your sleep. 

Having a bath, or any kind of cleanse is a good thing to add to your bedtime routine. You can use this time for self-care and skincare, and maybe use aromatherapy to help your body prepare for sleep. Lavender scents are popular in sleeping creams or aromatherapy oils. The scent of lavender has been used as a sleeping aid for centuries.

Make Your Bedroom a Sleeping Space

Many people make the mistake of allowing their bedroom to become an everything room, with corners and surfaces covered with bits and pieces of their work life and hobbies cluttering the space.

Your sleeping space should be calm to allow you to relax and get a better night of sleep. Clear the clutter and invest a little in your sleep. Check out Savvy Sleeper’s post on the Labor Day mattress sale for some great ways to get a better mattress for less, and get a night of better sleep too!

Get Some Sunlight Every Morning (Weather Permitting)

Waking up is just as important as getting to sleep. How we wake up, and what we do when we get out of bed, can impact our whole day.

Getting some sunlight when you get up in the morning, if the weather allows it, should be the final part of your sleep routine. This simple step is important to your body and is its reward for getting to sleep quickly and resting well. Having your morning coffee in the garden, rather than in bed, is much better for you. 

Don’t let a lack of sleep ruin your day. Just a few of these steps can help anyone take control of their sleeping pattern, and get a longer night of deeper sleep.


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