… that Works for You by Beth Tabak

“When you repeatedly see an image in a way that activates a positive emotional charge, you become more likely to move towards it (even if it seems like a long shot). In action things happen. You talk to others, resources multiply, and your eyes open to opportunities. Suddenly you discern it was within reach after all.” Beth Tabak

One day I made a startling discovery. It was time for a vision board update! Two-thirds of the images were in my life or past experience. Creating a vision board helps clarify and hold what is important. Your dream is allowed versus repressed. The images activate an emotional response. Keeping it forefront prompts a daily reminder and fosters determination to act (even if subconsciously). Suddenly you are bringing what you want into your life sooner than expected.

Below are five tips to build your vision board.

First, looking closely at the collage I made some intriguing observations:

~ The vacation photo was the exact resort we visited! I was astonished.

~ A phrase used regarding a passion manifested in two great opportunities over the year resulting in raising money that provided clean water to two communities in Africa.

~ An image of straight teeth represented an intention to get my son braces. At some point his teeth straightened as new teeth grew in. He no longer needed braces. Remember, the photo did not have braces only straight teeth. Inexplicable, or is it explained by new science? Hmmmmm.

~ Photos of horses with the intention to own did not manifest but I did rent horses and went riding.

~ I was strongly motivated to obtain a piano for my daughter, a new car, and new furniture. I never expected to have all within a year. Taking action, I widely researched possibilities and moved forward as if absolute. Opportunities and connections appeared. The goals were realized to complete satisfaction.

~ A cross centered in the middle represented staying faith centered which I continue to hold.

~ A long term goal to help over five million people worldwide is a work in progress.

~ Strikingly and critical to know, the four photos not realized were images I felt the least attached to.

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