"5 Reasons to Start Your Own Business"It is estimated more than 600,000 small businesses are founded in the United States every year. Starting a business is risky and can take over your life, but for some people it is all about the challenge. When you combine passion with determination and intelligence, you have a platform for success and glory.

Are you considering starting a business of your own? There are many advantages to taking this leap into entrepreneurship and you may identify with several of them. Here are five reasons to start your own business:

Be Your Own Boss

One of the greatest motivators for starting your own business, for a variety of entrepreneurs, is to be your own boss. Whether you have had a bad personal experience in the past or simply want executive control, owning your business means you don’t answer to anyone. You alone hold the reins and decide what direction the business will go.

The ability to hire your own team is exhilarating as well. Just think about it; everyone who works for you will be someone you have confidence in. You have the chance to hire employees with the same passion and drive as you and surround yourself with excellence.

Do What Interests You

The amount of brilliant people who are uninterested or unsatisfied with their careers may surprise you. If you happen to fit into this category and have a dream to follow, what is stopping you? We all know the phrase about doing what you love and never working a day in your life—owning your own business is the perfect opportunity.

You will never give 100% unless you genuinely enjoy your work. You will simply never get the most out of yourself. Just the thought of doing what you love and having fun at the same time should spark some interest in branching out on your own.

Challenge Yourself

One common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is a competitive spirit. The need to set and accomplish goals is ever-present in entrepreneurs, and doing so in a creative manner only adds to the satisfaction. Business-starters rarely experience the same day twice, and that is perfectly fine.

There are few things in life as challenging as starting your own business, and in return, few things as rewarding. If you have no experience acquiring capital or creating a business model, you have a lot of work ahead. And if you’re ready for it, that is music to your ears.

Work From Anywhere

The freedom of this motive is dependent upon your plans to have an office one day, but during the infant stages of a company, every entrepreneur can work from anywhere. Gone are the days of commuting or working in an uninspiring office. With today’s technology, you can find a Wi-Fi connection and get out into the world.

And if you do plan on having an office with employees you, have the exciting task of choosing your new office space. Have you always disliked your previous office arrangements? Pick the neighborhood and floor space you think will best fit your company’s personality. It’s up to you now.

Get Capital Now

If you are ready to start looking for venture capitalists, now is a perfect time. Both East and West coast VCs offer their own benefits, but it’s important to pick one that fits your style. The good news is the venture capitalist market is alive again, so whichever coast you choose will have options to suit you.

There are many tips for entrepreneurs about funding , and you can never be too prepared. You have done so much work up to this point, and the future of your business depends on these presentations. It has taken confidence, risk and dedication to get your business to this stage of the process. Now it’s time to turn your dreams into a reality.

Kristen Gramigna is Chief Marketing Officer for BluePay , a credit card processing firm that specializes in processing credit cards for small business. She brings more than 15 years of experience in the bankcard industry in direct sales, sales management, and marketing to the company and also serves on its Board of Directors.