Everywhere you go, you create an impression with the outfits you choose to wear. Because subtle messages are transmitted through these outfits (such as style, profession and, potentially, income, to name a few), it is important to put considerable thought into what you wear. The $250,000,000,000 Americans spend on fashion each year are a testament to that.

Make sure you send the right messages by selecting pieces that reflect your individuality, and send the right message to those around you. If a guy is your target audience, here are 5 things to consider when dressing to impress him:


Often, when trying to impress, girls can forgo practicality for fashion. To truly impress, wear the right outfit for your occasion. If your destination requires you to be on your feet awhile, ditch the heels and try on some comfortable but stylish flats, instead. Or if your destination is outdoors, opt for a maxi dress or pants versus a short, flowey skirt to avoid wind mishaps.


Patterns and color are a must this season, but don’t overwhelm the senses. Pick one patterned item, like leggings , and pair them with a solid-colored top. And don’t forget the undergarments. Guys love when girls put the extra effort into their outfit by coordinating from head to toe, or in this case inside out. Start by finding a few bras, then select a variety of panties that can coordinate and match with each to add variety while keeping the task less cumbersome.

Dress for Him

Fashion is certainly a personal thing, but if you are trying to impress a guy, take into consideration the things he likes. Take note when he compliments a particular outfit, color or style. If he mentions he thinks blue is your color, opt for some more blue hues in your next ensemble. Or if he mentions how great you look in a t-shirt and jeans, opt for more casual looks when with him. If you aren’t sure, dresses are always a great choice to show your feminine and subtly seductive side. With sun and maxi dresses, you’ll be sure to find something you both will enjoy.


Start with a watch. This will tell him you are punctual and respect his time. Stay on trend with a bold selection like the ever popular Michael Kors chronograph watches. Then selectively add pieces to complete your look. Bold and chunky statement necklaces will add dimension to your look and require fewer pieces while adding balance to your previously selected watch.

Attention to Details

It’s easy to overlook little things like a fresh manicure and pedicure, or neatly trimmed eye brows, but it’s the attention to these details that let a guys know you can take care of yourself.