Not happy about the way your patio looks, but can’t afford to hire a design expert? Good news – you don’t have too! There are plenty of ways to switch up the look of your outdoors that doesn’t involve spending all your savings. These do-it-yourself ideas are so easy anyone can do them.

This quick guide will show you just how to give your patio a makeover without breaking your wallet! Let’s begin.

1. Lay Down An Outdoor Rug

A fantastic way to give your backyard a makeover is by investing in a quality, outdoor rug. When we say quality, we don’t mean expensive. Homeowners can find amazing deals by looking online or searching through sale aisles at their favorite home furniture stores.

An outdoor way is a sure way to spice up any patio space without any massive renovations. It adds a pop of color to your backyard and is also a great way to change the look of your patio completely without having to go through a rigorous painting or remodeling process.

2. Create A Stone Path

Adding some life to your patio doesn’t have to be costly, yet it can still be luxurious! Sometimes all you need is a little push and inspiration. Have you considered a DIY stone path that leads to your garden or pool?

You can quickly and easily put down materials to create a pathway to a specific area. Some of our favorites include stones, bricks, or mulch. These are great to create clear paths as well as add a little flair to any setting! Even consider glow in the dark rocks for those evening outdoor gatherings or some other fun yard décor.

3. Slip-On Cushion Covers

Buying new outdoor furniture or even new cushions is most likely not on your budget. Even if it is, why not simply consider investing in some slip-on cushion covers? This allows you to switch up the look of your patio depending on the occasion. You may be hosting a dinner party, supporting your favorite sports team, or celebrating a special holiday.

Cushion covers make this all possible in a very inexpensive way. Getting Fig Leaf Cushion Covers , for instance, is one great way to re-model your outdoor furniture without spending a fortune. Their slip-on covers are washable, mildew resistant, easy to put on and don’t fade quickly. This company makes it easy to change the look of your patio with the seasons, or for special events in a fun, easy, affordable way.

4. Invest in a Fountain

At a glance, this may seem like a pricey idea, but it’s not! Adding a water feature to your patio or garden is a great way to upgrade your outdoor space without spending too much money. You can place the small fountain in your garden or at the end of a table to show off your crafting skills. We encourage you to browse the web for some fun, DIY tutorials.

5. Set the Mood with Some Lights

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways you can spice up your patio and one of the easiest too. Simply hang some string lights across your outdoor living space to give it a starry night feel. You can even add some lanterns or torches for those extra soft accents. Not to mention, that you can purchase all of this at a crafting store for a great price.

This brings us to the end of our short DIY patio guide. We hope we’ve inspired you to get started on some of these simple ideas and give your patio the makeover you’ve been wanting! Best of luck and happy crafting!


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