Being curvaceous is a blessing, but with these blessings comes many clothing problems that a curvy girl can only understand. How do you feel when your friends say: I wish I could have those curves,” annoying or angry? Well, both because as a curvy girl we know what it takes to go shopping for our clothes. It’s hard to ignore the dress that looks amazing on a model but will never fit us. 

Looking perfect takes a lot of effort and tailoring, but we still stand strong and face all the mishaps with a laugh. Let’s check out what clothing mishaps we as curvy girls have to face but don’t get disheartened with it; just laugh it away as anyhow we will manage to look prettier and amazingly strong. 

Perfect Pair Of Jeans 

It is the most serious issue when you try a pair of jeans that perfectly fit your thigh, but your waist says NO to it; this seriously feels annoying. How can jeans that go straight up to the waist quickly but never fit in that area? And if with god grace, it fits your butt, then it will look highly loose from the waist like you are wearing maternity jeans. Ohh!! God, why do we always have to wear those stretchable jeans that will give us rashes? 

Online clothes are not meant for us.

Buying something that looked amazing on the model online is the biggest mistake you can make. Yes! We usually do that, for example, you must have seen a button shirt that looked so formal and classy on the model, and with the excitement, you bought it for yourself, of course, the large size but what happened when it arrived? You tried that shirt and tried to close the buttons, but your bust doesn’t want to squeeze in. In this situation, it feels like changing the shirt immediately and wearing the same lossy shirts that you always do. So, yes! Online buying clothes are not meant for us. But yes, these dates with changing fashion and considering plus sizes, there are plus size womens clothing that is available even online to make us feel comfortable in style. 

Limited Style Of Clothing

Yes! It’s a fact that we curvaceous girls love black not because it is our favorite color but it makes us look thin. We even go with vertical stripes clothing more than the solid color ones, because the curves that we love to flaunt look amazing in stripes . Thus, it leads to limited clothing options for us which is somehow disheartening. 

You have to try everything on before you buy it. 

Yes! You can’t assume that a particular size that you are wearing of a brand will go with another brand as well. It will be a surprise to you when you don’t want to try it on before buying it. 

Your pants always rip on your inner thighs.

This one is the most painful because our plenty of favorite pants get ripped from our inner thighs. The reason is that our thighs rub continuously together whenever we walk, thus causing significant problems to the pants. It’s better to choose mom fit jeans or baggy jeans that are not skin fitted and there are chances to save them from getting ripped. 

Final Words 

There are clothing mishaps like these that take place daily in our lives, but we still keep on shining bright and wear whatever we feel like, but after tailoring it a bit. 


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