For the most part, business signages are the fundamental and rudimentary link to customers. Sure, you have spent enough time searching or looking for the right location or site for your business, whether it’s a new location for your expanding business or newly established business.

However, that awareness and recognition must not end with just picking out the right location. Now, you will need to drive or take your consumers to your front door. So, how will you bring them in?

The perfect solution to that is a business sign. However, what kind of signage should you use to entice new consumers or inform your existing customers realize or be aware of where you are? There are a lot of options, but here are five best outdoor signages that will surely work within your budget and your business. Read on!

Flat Panel Signages

This type of outdoor sign is one of the most diverse kinds of exterior signages and are usually mixed or incorporated with other types of business outdoor sign. You can utilize a lot of materials from metals and real wood to the more famous high-density urethane.


HDU is a polyurethane foam type that is extremely versatile and durable. Strong and lightweight, high-density polyurethane can be, for the most part, painted and routed to make it look like any other material, for example, stone and wood.

Flat panel signages can be, more often than not, multi-level by including dimensional letters on the upper part of the signage face. This type of outdoor sign is most usually utilized in post signs and monument signs.

Light Boxes

Light boxes, also known as box signs, use internal lighting to make the signage face illuminate. The sign face is typically a, to a certain degree, transparent vinyl on a smooth and even acrylic surface.

Light boxes might not be as appealing and good-looking as compared to channel lettering. However, they are the most cost-effective option. These signs are typically used with channel lettering or other types of signages to establish a custom, unique signage design. They are usually utilized on the sides of a building structure or on pylon signages.

Monument and Marquee Signage

This type of outdoor signage is the most common kind of road-side sign. Monument and marquee signage serve one remarkable and outstanding purpose or role. It is informing people where your business is located.


Although it might look like a no-brainer, poorly or non-existent designed outdoor sign can lead to exasperated and infuriated consumers and, at worst, make the capability of emergency services late or slow to get to your area if there is an emergency. Multi-tenant developments, subdivisions, and businesses all need good signage. You can also opt for commercial signage by shieldco .

"5 Best Exterior Signages for Your Business"

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional lettering can, for the most part, refer to various types of signage. The most common type of dimensional lettering is channel lettering, which is usually illuminated in some fashion.


Channel letters are one of the most common or generally known forms of exterior signage and

are extensively used because of their cost-effectiveness and visibility. These signs can be, for the most part, illuminated using back-lit or LED lights, or both.

But neon lights are seldom used because of the light output or greater efficiency of LED lighting. Moreover, dimensional lettering that is not illuminated is, more often than not, utilized and has an almost identical visual effect as channel letters. However, they aren’t internally lighted. You can opt to apply channel letters with other signage structures to establish unique and distinct looks.

Lighted Sign

One of the many factors to consider with regards to signage lighting is the kind of organization you operate. B2C businesses usually have illuminated signs because they want people to go to their location and see the place 24 hours a day, and whatever the weather us.

But some businesses opt only to illuminate their signage during business hours to save energy and to inform people that they are closed. Otherwise, they might turn off their illuminated signage yet leave the light on for their marquee signage.

Nevertheless, lighted signages are an excellent and impressive cost-effective way of promoting your business as it keeps the identity of your business in front of potential and current consumers all day and night.


Exterior business signage is vital and essential to entice new, potential customers and motivate them to make impulse sales . And one of the most productive and effective forms of advertising is the sign located on the property of your business.

The list here includes only a few of the best outdoor signs available today. Do not limit or restrict your ideas here. Partner with an excellent signage maker to help and assist you with your outdoor sign needs.


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