Due to the global pandemic, we’ve all been stuck inside for quite a few months now. Lockdown fatigue has well and truly set in, and not many of us feel like doing much. We’ve swapped our smart work clothes for loungewear, meals out with friends for ready meals in front of the TV, and gym sessions for 30-minute classes on YouTube. 

Couples in long-distance relationships, and couples who do not live together, have no doubt found it extremely hard to be separated. Even couples who do live under the same roof have struggled, too. If you would like to break up the monotony of lockdown, and give you and your other half something to look forward to, here are some date night ideas to try.

If you live together

Snuggle up in front of the TV with snacks 

Nothing beats putting on your cosy pjyamas, grabbing your fluffy socks, and wrapping yourself up in a blanket ready to watch back-to-back episodes of your favourite film. Stock up on cute, personalised chocolates for another, lots of popcorn and fizzy sweets, and pretend you’re at the cinema. 

Host a wine and cheese night

Are you both fans of pinot grigio and merlot? And do you both know the difference between your cheddar and feta? If so, it could be time to host your very own cheese and wine night. Nothing says romance more than a full cheeseboard, washed down with a bottle or two of wine.

If you live apart

Get dressed up and prepare a three-course meal

Just because you’re not physically in the same room as one another, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a romantic meal. Pick a day for your date night, plan your three-course menu, pop a flattering outfit on, and open up FaceTime or Zoom. You can both cook the same dishes at the same time, and then sit down to eat and enjoy them together. If you focus on each other rather than your surroundings, you won’t even realise that you’re not in the same home!

Play two-person Pictionary

If you’re both into playing games, a few rounds of Pictionary would no doubt go down a treat. Can you guess what movie they drew? Can they figure out which actor you sketched? Create a scoring system and you’ll soon find out who’s the champion! 

Whatever you decide to do, cherish the time you spend together.


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