How To Sell Products/Services Successfully by Marcella Glenn

 “I know how to do that.”  You commented.

 The goal is to sell irresistible products and services, and profit.

 Allow a trial period for your wares.  Customers pay a percentage of the total cost, to get a product or service home.  Give them, for example, thirty days to return it.

 The cost is one-hundred dollars, but forty dollars will bring the item home.  Also, include shipping and handling fees in the initial payment.

 Once a person wears it, tests,  and/or flaunts the new addition, how likely will he or she return it?  Of course, bill the customer the remaining balance.

 Products and services are made appealing though ad copy.

There are a few seconds to grab the attention of consumers, and that is the purpose of a  head-line.  It is three to five words.

The body explains how the product or service will benefit clients.   Will it enhance happiness?  Perhaps, it will help with problem solving. Life can be improved how?  Help with business matters?

Is there an emotion the product or service generates?  Spell it out for customers.

Tell a personal short story to keep people reading.  They can relate, understand, compare their  situation to it, and purchase from  you.

Answer questions in the ad copy, which inspires confidence. 

Consumers see, feel, you on the  same level as them.  It gives a  sense of familiarity.  People tend  to buy from those they are  comfortable with. 

Encourage the customer to act now.

Follow the above steps to successfully sell products and services.

Please, feel free to ask  questions, or comment. 


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