By Dicky Sykes

Possessing the right information and presenting it in the right way, gives interviewees the power to get any job! To go on any job interview without understanding what you should say and how you should look when you say it, is setting yourself up for a disappointing outcome. In business you must match the medium to the message. You must do the same when interviewing.  There are around six applicants for every one job, you need to know how to sell your value and talent and not look or sound desperate!  There are certain things you must say to enhance your image as a strong, effective candidate and because people communicate as much nonverbally as they do verbally, there are several things you can do nonverbally that will enhance your image and give you an definite advantage.
To communicate your leadership potential nonverbally:

Present yourself wearing confidence and a pleasant smile.

Give a firm three shake, handshake; not wimpy or loose.

Stand and sit using an erect posture. Hold in your stomach (don’t forget to breath) this forces you to stand and sit straight.  Do not cower. Avoid slouching as it makes you look tired, sloppy and unprofessional.

Nod your head to show that you are listening to someone talk.

Maintain eye contact and smile at those with whom you are talking.

Use had gestures in a relaxed, non mechanical way.

Do not frown or look confused or angry when listening to someone talk. Do not chew gum. Do not walk into the interview talking on or holding your crackberry.

Wear appropriately fitting clothes, not too tight or big.

Wear business attire – if budget permits, invest in a good tailor.

Don’t wear strong cologne or perfume or too much makeup (absolutely no glitter eyemakeup).
Do not wear large hoop earrings, multiple bangles or any jewelry that makes noise.
Make sure nails are short to medium length and well groomed.
Look at yourself in the mirror to ensure your nonverbal messages look pleasant and professional.
Ask yourself, “would I want to hire me.”  Be honest.
Judgment is made within the first 30 seconds of the interview; it may not be fair, but that’s how long it takes the interviewer to size you up.  When you walk in the door have a smile on your face, stand tall and look directly in the interviewer’s eyes, hold their gaze and tell them how absolutely enthusiastic you are about the position. Having up-to-date information about the company and presenting it with the right non-verbal techniques, gives you the upper hand in the interview process.  Managers size up how a candidate will perform in the new role by evaluating how much effort he or she put into preparing for the interview. If you’re in charge, you want someone who has taken the time to think about how they’re going to help the business.  Preparation, research and knowing your target, will give you the right mix of confidence and preparation needed to secure the deal.
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Dicky Sykes, the President of DGS Consulting LLC, is pursuing a Masters in Psychology at Walden University.  She is a featured guest columnist for We Magazine for Women, Kalon Women, The Savvy Gal and Women Online Magazine. Need a career coach? Contact her at or 404 567-5790. To order ‘Yes You Can Still Find a Job’ on audio CD, log onto Job tips offered in Spanish $5.99 –MP3 version only and Korean MP3 and audio CD at