"3 Ways to Rejoice During the Holidays"The holidays are among us which may mean it’s time to hustle! We will now put on our running shoes and begin the holiday juggle while attempting to walk with some sort of sanity.

Do we wish to run through the next week wearing everyone out around us or will we find harmony and peace along the way?

Here are a few ideas that may provide the calmness required to thrive during this holiday season:

  • Remain Calm! No matter who or what obstacle may come against you, remember that the upcoming celebration is to honor those around us as well as those less-fortunate. It is not a time of ‘seek and hunt’ to make sure everyone on our shopping list receives their ‘must have’ items. It is a time to sit quietly and reflect on the things we have in our life that have lasting value.

  • Share the meaning of Gratitude with Your Children. By allowing our children to see that their may be others that won’t be receiving anything during this holiday, we may teach them what it means to have gratitude. If we can be real with them and share thoughts about how blessed we are 364 days a year and that there are childen less fortunate and who may have nothing. Let them be a part of giving to others in order that they may take their eyes off themselves and feel wonderful about giving.

  • Share peace and joy. This holiday has many meanings spiritually. As we journey through our definition, keep in mind that the calendar has indicated it to be the time to celebrate Jesus’ birth and Channukah. They are both holidays that represent being close to our family and friends. Let’s keep our true reason for the season very clear.

Lisa Hein is an International Best Selling Author/Parenting Author/Motivational Speaker whose book, ‘Manifesting God’s Love in Your Family,’ has recently been released. She has been seen and heard on national and local television and radio networks and is beginning her journey sharing this truly inspired book with her audiences. For further information please visit www.LisaRHein.com .