"3 Steps To Tranforming Your LIfe With The Law Of Attraction"Beginning the Transformation…Step1..Ask
So, you are ready for some kind of transformation? Well, let’s start with the basics. Something we are all becoming somewhat familiar with. The law of attraction. The three steps of the law of attraction are simple:

* Ask

Yes. It is as easy at it seems. However, there are very precise steps to follow and they take persistence and consistency. They will also take some kind of action. But when you are in true alignment with the universe, you will be doing what you love and this will not ever feel like work. The difference between dreamers and achievers is action. Achievers reach their dreams by action. Dreamers continue to dream and except complacency in their life. Everything you desire is already here, waiting for you to access it. It is just like ordering from a catalog. If you can dream it, you can have it. No matter what your background, who you are, what your financial status is currently. We are all the same with the same opportunities. The first step is the one you are taking now to educate yourself and be willing to take action to change your current situation. Congratulations! Put the steps into action and your life will never be the same!

So let’s discuss the first step-Ask…
What do you REALLY want? Now stop yourself. I didn’t ask you what you DON’T want, I asked you what you DO want. Write it down. Be specific. Even if it seems unobtainable to you. There are no limits with the universe. It is just as easy for you to manifest one million dollars as it is one dollar. Write it on something durable(i.e. index card, construction paper) as this will be something you will keep with you always. The best place for it is by your bed somewhere so you can see it first thing upon rising and the last thing before you go to bed. For optimum results, you want to look at it also on your lunch break. Ideally, three times a day, but at minimum,once before falling asleep. This is key to your manifesting because when you sleep the conscious mind shuts down and connects with the universe.Your mind processes the last events that occurred before sleep, all night long. This is also the best time for meditating, but that’s a later blog. The next powerful exercise is to journal at night. Wow. What a great way to really ingrain your desires: Journaling and reading your goal card. When you journal, it’s important to start with what your grateful for. Start with something simple like”I am so grateful for…” you fill in the blank. This can get tricky because even when you think you have nothing to be grateful for, you always do. Remember, there is always someone worse off than you, somewhere. Are you homeless? Do you eat? Do you have friends and or family that loves you? Do you have running water. A lot of people in third world countries don’t. So keeping that in perspective should give you some things to be grateful for. Also incorporate anything that happened in your day you are thankful for.

Then continue in your journal the things you want. But this time write them as if you already have them. Begin your sentences with phrases such as” I am so overjoyed to have…”. I am so filled with happiness now that I have….”The mind can’t differentiate if you physically have it or not. So if you believe in your mind you have it, it has to manifest itself to you. It’s the law. It works. Every time. It’s your job to ask and the universe’s job to figure out the rest. You don’t have to worry about it. If you are believing, the universe will move people, places and events to bring you in alignment with it.
Your job is diligence and consistency. Most people give up right before it is getting ready to break through. Don’t. If you follow these steps, you will see results and change instantly. It might be little things, but these little things are putting you in alignment with the universe which puts you on the path to enlightenment where all your big dreams reside.

Good luck , remember to journal every night ,and next blog we will discuss the second step…believe.

Until next time,