By Teresa Morrow

A Business owner has to tackle an overflowing amount of tasks simultaneously during the day. The same is true of a chef in a restaurant. And there are a few strategies chefs’ use in the process of cooking for their guests that business owners can learn to use in their business.

When watching a cooking channel there are three things you may often hear; people eat with their eyes, savor the flavor and the key is to have a good crew by your side.

1) People Eat with their Eyes – When cooking, chefs pay special attention to the presentation of the dish they deliver to the people who are going to be eating their food. The importance of that first view of the meal placed in front of a person can sometimes make or break the experience of eating that dish. For business owners, it is just as important to be aware of how your marketing materials (website, blog, social media profiles and articles) are presented to those who want to see what you have to offer.

2) Savor the Flavor – On cooking shows, you will find the chef will often return to take a taste of the dish he or she is cooking to be sure it is properly seasoned. If a dish is not seasoned properly, the flavors can become muddled and mess up the whole dish, leaving the chef disappointed with the outcome. To have a thriving business, a business owner needs to put quality control procedures into place and follow up strategies throughout the year to ensure the goal of the business is moving in the right direction.

3) A Really Good Crew – In restaurants, every chef needs to have a crew to compliment the chef’s efforts to produce a quality dish. Without the help of a good crew, the chef can become overwhelmed, leaving the chef stressed and drained, and less than able to produce their best cuisine. The same is true in business. As a business owner, if you do not have a good assistant, partner or manager, you have to take on everything yourself, leaving you exhausted and vulnerable to disappointing your customers.

The cooking world and business world have both strive to produce a result that leaves their customers wanting to come back for more. In cooking there are three principles that can help business owners move forward in their industry; people eat with their eyes, savor the flavor, and have a good crew.

Teresa Morrow combines her three passions: writing, reading and networking in her business, Key Business Partners, LLC. She manages online promotional campaigns for authors, coaches, speakers and writers. She is on the Florida Board of Advisors with Women in eCommerce and an Editor at Large at WE Magazine for Women ™ (http://www.wemagazineforwomen). Teresa is passionate about helping people spread their message to others and she is available for 20 minute free consultation. She also contributes blog posts weekly at Successful Blog and monthly at Book Buzzr. You can contact Teresa via email at or visit her website at Key Business Partners