By Dr. Brandy McCans D.C.

Beautiful skin is a reflection of true inner health. The belief that you will find wrinkle, blemish-free beauty in a bottle is a myth. Acne, psoriasis, eczema, brown (age) spots, rashes and red patches are all an indication of imbalanced inner health. A healthy glow is the result of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

You may think that radiant skin is a reflection of good genetics, but the reality is that lifestyle choices and environment are major causes of blemished and marred skin.

During a study of health in Switzerland, a doctor noted the differences in the complexion of the people who lived in the cities versus that of the people who lived in the countryside. Switzerland is a wonderful place to do a study, as the gene pool is small. In the city the adolescence and young adults eat basically the same diet consumed in urban areas worldwide: fast food and processed foods. In the rural areas they eat pasture-raised sheep and cows, breath fresh air and drink mountain water. What do you think the difference was in their skin? You got it! Those that lived in the city had the look of the typical American: red bumps, acne, and scarring. The difference was not genetics, but lifestyle.

Obviously we can’t all live in Switzerland, but there are a few things you can do to create greater inner health leading to that radiance you are looking for.

1. Eat whole (unrefined) foods.

Eating a natural diet is the number one key to achieving radiant skin. The chemicals, trans fats as well as pesticides in processed foods all “collect” in the body. As the body attempts to rid itself of these harmful substances, it pushes some of them out through the skin. This in turn creates dryness, blemishes, rough patches, brown spots and acne. A diet of about 90% produce and 10% meat and fish will help correct these skin complications.

2. Drink plenty of filtered or spring water.

On average people do not drink enough water to support the body’s proper functioning. The body is approximately 98% water! There should be a ratio of 60% water inside all of your cells and 40% outside of your cells to have the energy required to live each day to the fullest. The ideal amount of water is approximately half of the body’s weight in ounces. That may seem like a lot of water, but the body operates better when adequately hydrated. Remember that a diet of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables will help provide the needed water.

3. Exercise daily.

There is no getting away from stress in day-to-day lives. So it is more important than ever to take personal action to prevent the damage caused by hectic lifestyles. Exercise, even if it something simple as a walk, each day will help the body right itself from the stresses of the day. Perspiration is all the better as it is a way for the body to detoxify itself. Increasing circulation with exercise oxygenates the blood which in turn carries the toxins in the body to the liver and kidneys so they can be expelled through the urine and breath rather than through the skin. Taking action to get the harmful environmental chemicals out of the body this way ensures that your skin, liver and kidneys won’t have to do it all.

For some people, a healthy diet and daily exercise may not be enough. Their bodies may require additional assistance in the form of whole food supplements; today’s toxic air, water and other environmental strains and stresses can be lessened with the additional nutrition found in quality whole food supplements. This is especially true if your body has been overtaxed for quite some time. The body begins to break down muscle and tissue due to lack of minerals and nutrients like calcium and vitamin B which buffer the system in times of stress. If these essential elements are not replaced in concentrated forms through whole foods and whole food supplements it becomes quite difficult for the body to bridge the gaps.

If you are unsure as to how to naturally improve blemished skin conditions, seek the counsel of a healthcare professional or nutritionist. She or he can help you discover that not only will you look better, you’ll feel better, too.

Dr. Brandy McCans D.C. is founder of Quantum Success Training, Inc. She is also a nutritional consultant and a Master Practitioner of the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T). She currently offers individual treatments and group classes. For more information, visit


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