Here are three tech gifts WE Magazine thinks you will love!

Forevernote: Everyone has a story to tell, especially our amazing mothers whose lives are full of experiences that we would love captured and documented forever! Now a team of professional editors and writers can tell your mother’s life story for her.  Forevernote is a company that captures life stories along with personal photos, in a beautiful hard-cover book to be shared and cherished for years to come. Mom simply signs up at after getting her gift card for Mother’s Day, she then chooses the package she’d like to get her story told and completes a questionnaire that is specially designed to help bring memories into detail. Then, mom will select a time and date for a phone interview to help tell her story too. Once the interview is over, Forevernote’s editorial team will review and edit the text and mom will receive a draft for review. Then, a beautiful hard-bound book will be mailed with her personal story to treasure and share with others for years to come!  This is sure to be one of this year’s most popular gifts for Mother’s Day.  Where to buy:

MamaSingMySong: What new or expectant mom wouldn’t love a custom lullaby that is professionally written and recorded for her baby??! MamaSingMySong is a company that makes singing to your baby much sweeter when the lyrics are all about him or her. MamaSingMySong offers 3 different lullaby packages to choose from.  Whether you choose an a-cappella or studio recorded package, MamaSingMySong’s hope is that 50 years from now, your child remembers YOU singing his or her song— your affirming love, sung over and over again. Where to buy:

Family Tree DNA:  There is no one quite like your mom. After all, she was the story-book-reader, the scraped-knee-healer and the piggy-back-ride hero of our childhood. And even though no one is exactly like her, there are some people at least partially like her:  YOU. In addition to the piggy-back rides, your mom also gave you half of her DNA.  This year how about thanking your mom on Mother’s Day  (as you wouldn’t be you without her) by giving her generations of knowledge about her own family line?   Family Tree DNA is home to a wonderful genealogical DNA database.  With the simple swab of a cheek….in a few weeks’ time your mom  can find out her unique ethnic origins, can locate relatives dating back hundreds of years and so much more.  So this year how about giving your mom a Family Tree DNA genealogy test which is a gift that will last a lifetime.  After all it’s not just a gift ……it is a legacy!!!   Where to buy: